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Coaches charge in a variety of ways, and often have packages which decrease the hourly cost of sessions. To get the best possible match, please let us know the most you'd be able to comfortably pay per hour BEFORE any discounts:

My coach helped me get out of a rut. She was just what I needed! It was the perfect way to find a coach and actually deal with the issues I’ve been worrying about. Now I have an accountability partner.
Nina Lane, London
I received a selection of heartfelt emails for coaches who really listened to what I needed. After selecting a couple for free calls to find out who was the right “fit” I found him! So happy!
Nancy Waddell, New York
Wading through directories is not really my thing, and I couldn't be happier I let Life Coach Hub send some great coacheds my way. I found a really good health coach who's helping me reach my goals.
Stuart James, California
You’ve been toughing it out alone with this issue for a long time. Imagine having an expert coach on your side to guide you in preparing an action plan to tackle your issues and find success in business, fitness, relationships and goal-setting. Someone to listen, encourage, motivate and keep you on track. It’s time to get unblocked and find your coach.


How does coaching work?
Your coach will work with you to create an action plan to help you find happiness and success in whatever areas you want to work on. You’ll generally talk on the phone or on Skype about once a week, and work at your own pace to resolve tough spots and highlight successes.
What happens after I submit my request?
You’ll be contacted by a select handful of expert coaches who will describe to you how they feel they can help you reach your goals. Respond to those who resonate the most with you and arrange a free call. The initial free call is really important so you can make sure you are finding the right fit for you in terms of coaching style and expertise. We suggest you talk to several of the coaches who contact you by email.
What happens after the free call?
Depending on what you decide with your coach, you can choose to have a single session, several sessions, online coaching or an ongoing coaching relationship. It’s completely up to you if you decide to keep coaching, and for how long.
How much does ongoing coaching cost?
All coaches are completely independent from us, setting their own prices according to their training and the services they offer. Generally coaches charge between $40 and $90 an hour for a single session, with coaching packages offering deep discounts depending on the length of the engagement. As well as private coaching calls, online, group coaching and self-guided courses offer even lower prices.


Our coaches are experts at helping you achieve success

Coaching is a great way to meet your goals, find balance, and get greater success in life, relationships, business and health. Choose from a tailored selection expert coaches who will let you know how they are a great fit for you. Just select the ones you feel you’d like a free initial session with and you’ll be on your way!

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Want more information about coaching first? Read up on our Beginner’s Guide to Life Coaching. for all the details.

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