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Adel Heidarinejad

Expert Of Homeopathic Medicine 
Tehran, Ostan-e Tehran, Iran

I Will Give You Mental Health As A Gift

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OFFERINGS: Private coaching

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  • سمینار رازچراغ جادو


    با شرکت درسمینار دکتر عادل حیدری نژاد متوجه می شوید که ارزشمندترین دارایی انسان ها

    $15000.00 RRP $20000.00     save 25% ADD TO CART
  • سرنوشت خود را تغییر بده


    واقعیت این است که اگر این دوره برای شما خوب است، تا همین الان خودتان به آن پی برده ا

    $999.00 RRP $1500.00     save 33% ADD TO CART
  • Diabetic Health


    Control your child's diabetes easier and faster.

    $499.00 RRP $800.00     save 38% ADD TO CART
  • Acne Relief


    Natural Homeopathic Medicine Clears & Treats Existing Acne Pimples

    $20.00 RRP $25.00     save 20% ADD TO CART
  • Homeopathy Consult


    Have you been suffered from unknown illness and you want to treat yourself by homeopathic approach?

    $499.00 RRP $800.00     save 38% ADD TO CART
  • Have you been betrayed of husband


    I am here to help you to get rid of betrayed emotions

    $999.00 RRP $2500.00     save 60% ADD TO CART
  • Wonderful Life


    By implementing this life booster I guarantee you'd soon realize the impact the law of attraction in your life.

    $7.50 RRP $10.00     save 25% ADD TO CART
  • Pediatric Consult


    If your child has been suffered from unknown illness,then this special service can help you

    $300.00 RRP $499.00     save 40% ADD TO CART
  • Boost Your Mind Health By Homeopathy


    Three Months of Mental Health Coaching

    $180.00 RRP $300.00     save 40% ADD TO CART
  • Goodbye laziness


    This is a tutorial a one-page PDF formatted file that show you how to treat procrastination by homeopathic methods

    $65.00 RRP $100.00     save 35% ADD TO CART

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