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Aleasa Word, CLC, CEIC

Cert. Emotional Intelligence Coach 
Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Emotional Intelligence coach working with people who want a re-do in life!

About me

I help people make better decisions and lay a path for Chapter II of their life. Chapter II could be the next relationship, career or way of living. We make choices and live day by day the best we can but there comes that defining moment when we say "ok, enough is enough" I need something different.

Through emotional intelligence modeling we will generate a clear pathway, redefine logic and purpose and remove barriers that cause counter reactions that create negative life outcomes. The past is the past and this is the NOW! Let's do this!

Coaching with me

Each session we will accomplish something. You will either reach a goal or find an "ah ha" moment to help you move along your journey. People tend to push towards goals when they see progress along the way and I want that for you very much so! It is your time to speak, my time to listen and our time to take you to where you are going.
I like to coach through personal discovery. I first like to find out what your beliefs are and how you go them. Then I will help you to challenge the validity of them so you can gain a fresh perspective on who you are and what YOU really want as opposed to what society says or what you've followed along with your whole life. I a not here to waste your time, the world will do enough of that for you. I want to see you grow but also set you up in a place so that you can continue on your journey long after we are finished with our sessions.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.

One on one coaching by telephone. Sessions are 60 minutes at intervals specified at time of enrollment. 4 Packages Avail. 2 Sessions, 3 Sessions, 8 Sessions or VIP All Day Intensive. Private Small Group Relationship and Success Coaching as well. Included: homework, 5 minute follow up calls, inspirational messages. With 8 session package extra 30 minutes on special topic. Specialty family relations coaching for families of severely food allergic.
Some people feel they want to be more visual when dealing with a coach. I offer services that can allow you to work through the presentation online and save you time but make it more real for you.
Short courses or group coaching
Private group coaching in intimate setting known as coaching parties with friends. Per person charge for up to 8 people in group. Professional group coaching for team building in the workplace available. Practice and trust building, stress management, time management team building and success development available. CHAPTER II COACHING FOR MEN!
Ongoing training
6 week stress & time management workshop. Food Allergy lifestyle coaching programs available for those with life threatening allergy & anaphylaxis.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Certified in Psychological First aid, Stress & Time Mgmt.
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach
I worked in the investment world for 20+ years. I have also worked with families of children with life threatening illness for over 7 years during difficult times when parents were forced to chose between working or being with their sick child. Additionally, I have served on boards for non-profits and worked in the trenches with at risk families for long hours without physical pay but payment in gratitude instead.

Keeping in mind investing is an emotional event. Investing your time, energy and love into an ailing family member, yourself, your staff or any other person entering your life is necessary but it is often hard to juggle all of the balls because they change constantly. Life balance is important but seldom do people know what that means. Balance comes from an individual perspective. My experiences are both relatable on a corporate and individual level. Building emotionally intelligent people leads to emotionally intelligent leaders who lead companies that work and families that work!    more ...

Fee description

Fees: from $80 USD to $1000 USD

Per session or package cost. Flexible payment arrangements available. VIP Intensive All Day Package available.


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