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Alex S Blakeson

Brattleboro, Vermont, United States
My coaching works! Clients feel better achieving what they knew they needed to, but couldn't alone.
Relationship coach Leadership coach

About me

How do we avoid arguing? Keep an inviting home? Build the feeling of real community? Be loyal, faithful, trustworthy, patient, humble, helpful, kind? Balance our friendship and friendships with others? Celebrate and manage our interesting differences? How do we even start talking about these things - or just get through the next crazy week?

What are the questions in your relationship, your family, or your work team? Working with you as partners and as proactive, strategic leaders of the family or workplace team, or as individuals working toward it, I help you define and build on what's already well-developed, plus what you need to develop in your relationships. We then make a solid plan and I coach you toward each goal, and through the bumps along the way.

My desire to help build better relationships was born from the joys, pains, triumphs and challenges of my own marriage and parenthood with my wife of 25 years and now young adult and teen children, plus all my 50 years of navigating relationships in all arenas of life, including corporate and nonprofit workplaces.

The diverse, important perspectives from my training as a coach and as a person that shape my practice are: My years living in other cultures, applying faith-based principles with those interested, lessons from my organization development experience for family life, and recent training in Gestalt psychology. From the work world I apply tools of strategic planning, diversity and leadership development. From the teachings of the world's major religions I apply the prescriptions for individual and whole-family spiritual development, character-based consultation, and a unique perspective on the critical contribution every family makes to society. Many newer tools come from Gestalt: How do we try new ways to build upon the unique strengths, well and less-well developed attributes, in your relationships, in each of us? I have a Master's degree and other top-tier coach training & certification, to support individuals, couples, parents and families from the globally recognized Gestalt International Study Center and International Coaches Federation.


I will work with couples and families at your home or "private public" space of your choosing, or teams in organizations in your workspaces.
I routinely use videoconferencing (such as Skype) and prefer it over phone for its greater completeness of communication.
Short courses or group coaching
Gathering more than one couple or family for small-group coaching is both more affordable, and sometimes more sustainably effective. I also do workshops for larger groups of couples and families, some solo and some co-facilitated with coach colleagues.
Ongoing training
Some of my own multi-part courses and workshops fall under this category. I do ongoing marriage and family education through the Wilmette Insitute.

Fee description

Fees: from $1 USD to $2 USD

Toward making coaching accessible to a wide strata of society, I offer initial pro bono time with each client who needs one to set up a simple, viable monthly budget for themself/family. The client then identifies, within my fee range, a responsible and sustainable cost. Clients thus grow their trustworthiness and accountability, paying a reasonable cost they can afford.


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