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Alexa Carenati

MA PgDip Comb Cert Laurea 
Creative Business Coach

About me

With a background in occupational and organisational psychology, dramatherapy and anthropology of art, I have developed an expertise in making the most of all kinds of creativity in a commercial sense, as there is no contradiction between creating and selling.

Business coaching
Creative coaching focused on project design and creative work
Creative coaching focused on film production
Performance coaching
Voice coaching
Impact coaching for political purposes
Spiritual coaching focused on business
Drama-based training coaching & mentoring
Creative coaching focused on sexuality
Creative coaching focused on sexological practice
Creative coaching focused on psychotherapeutic practice

Coaching with me

Business coaching is good for you if... are looking for clarity and more confidence about your next steps wish to rediscover your passion want to connect to your intuition and inspiration would like to rid yourself of old habits that are holding you back need to regain your selling impact and become more effective at promoting yourself and your work.
Coaching is a powerful alliance between coach and coachee and is based on a mutual commitment to help you make the best possible decisions in your current situation and implement them.
When applied to creativity, this process may be aimed at generating, actualising or marketing an artistic product.
Creativity coaching can also be powerful when applied to your own life, for example in autobiographical work.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings. You can also book a free coaching call with me.

Creative coaching for individuals and entrepreneurs, not necessarily in the creative sectors: one-to-one sessions.
Life coaching using autobiographical tools to face change, process grief, restore self-esteem and overcome crises.
Creative coaching for individuals and entrepreneurs, not necessarily in the creative sectors.: one-to-one sessions.
Solutions tailored to suit clients' needs.
Short courses or group coaching
Creative group coaching for leaderless teams: One-off or series.
Solutions tailored to suit clients' needs.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • PgDip in Dramatherapy
  • Comb Cert in Counselling Skills & Theory
  • Laurea in Work Psychology
  • Online Life-Coaching (6 hrs)
  • Drama-Based Training (1 day)
My experience in media production covers nearly 20 years, ranging from theatre to television, from writing to applied arts.
Since 2007 I have been working full time in the film industry as a production executive, production manager, producer assistant and development producer for leading film production companies in Italy and the UK.
Through the years, coaching has become a recurring service I have always been willing to offer to those who require it along with other services.
Only recently I began to promote it as core business, particularly to clients who already are in the creative industries.

Fee description

Fees: from $45 USD to $90 USD

Individual coaching: 50 £ / hour (sliding scale applied)
Group coaching: fixed rate to be negotiated.


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