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Alison Thompson

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Melbourne, Australia
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About me

My Story and Why I Became A Life Coach, Writer and Speaker

Have you ever had a time in your life when nothing seems to go right? Lissa Rankin M.D. (author of "Mind Over Medicine") refers to it as the "perfect storm" - the time when anything that could go wrong does go wrong - and for me my perfect storm began around 2001. It was a series of events, which included gestational diabetes, an emergency caesarean, a back injury when my son was only 8 months old (which meant I was in excruciating pain for almost six months because I refused to undergo the surgery recommended to me), post-natal depression (which saw me blow out to 85kgs) and ultimately a relationship breakdown which left me a single mother when my son was not yet three. At that time I was working from home and spent many days crying from sun up to sun down. Although I had lost most of the weight, I was still lonely and miserable.

One day I came home and on my door step was a CD with a note from a friend saying "I think you might need this." It was an Anthony Robbins CD and whilst on a road trip to country Victoria, visiting work clients, I listened intently and something clicked inside of me. Everything started to make sense and I realised that life didn't have to be this way. It was the first of many "aha" moments. I rang my friend to borrow the rest of the CD collection and continued to listen and watch everything I could get my hands on. It took me about 18 months before I attended my first live event - Unleash The Power Within but it opened a whole new world for me, one where it didn't matter if I was a little out there and crazy. I could let myself go and no one would judge me.

I walked on hot coals and planted the metaphor of my life - "If I can walk on fire, I can do anything." I went on to attend Anthony Robbins Mastery University and my fascination for the way we can sculpt the mind to make change was sparked again. (In my twenties, as a young music teacher, I decided that I wanted to study psychology but my father died and the end seemed so far away that I gave up just seven units shy of completing the undergraduate degree.) Inspired to share my new found knowledge I decided to study to be a Life Coach but again I did not finish the course. I also designed the "My Virtual Life Coach" website but due to a set back with someone I was working with I gave up on that too. Can you see a pattern emerging here? Although I had a lot of knowledge I wasn't always applying it on myself. I didn't realise it at the time but I had a deep seeded fear of failure and high need for love. I believed that if I failed then nobody would love me but guess what I was failing anyway as each project went by the wayside. By mid 2008, I had decided that my destiny was to go back teaching and make a difference by teaching the magic of music in schools. I got a position teaching junior school music, commencing in January of 2009 but by mid 2012, I was overweight and miserable again. I realised that I really needed to make some major changes or I would die young just like my father before me. I took drastic action and decided to take a year off work without pay. I labelled it my "Eat, Pray, Love" year. Eat - representing my "Sugar Free Year" project. Pray - representing a more holistic approach to life through meditation, breathing, time for self and life balance. Love - representing my journey to truly love myself to ensure that I wouldn't give up on my dreams again. I decided to finish the "My Virtual Life Coach" website and return to study. It has been a truly amazing journey. The result? A happiness I just didn't know existed until I got here!

So why do I teach, coach and write? It is my destiny, my passion and definitely my calling. I want to share my story with those who are experiencing their "perfect storm" or are feeling lost and show them the tools and techniques which have led me to finding my own "Utopia".

Coaching with me

Results, results, results.
I like to refer to my style as "Mind Coaching" - that is achieving results not only by setting goals, creating action steps and deadlines but by changing the way we think in order to change the way we behave.


Are you ready to go on the journey of your life time? Are you ready to get the results you have always wanted? Are you ready to live a life of joy and abundance? Do you want to achieve a goal you never thought would be possible? If so, then let me be your guide and open the door to a world you never thought existed. One on one or in a group, I will work with you to develop a meaningful life plan, explore your true-self, explore your values and beliefs, create outstanding relationships, live a life of holistic health and well-being, and create a life of abundance and balance. I will help you realise who you can truly be, have and do. I will be with you every step of the way as you turn your dreams into reality. The format of weekly phone, Skype or in-person sessions will sustain your enthusiasm and determination to ensure that the results last. I will lead you through all areas of your life - mind, body, spirit - without judgement or criticism.
Change your mind, change your life.
My Virtual Life Coach -
A Online Coaching Experience Like Never Before!
At some point in our lives, most of us will question what we are doing and wonder how our lives got so out of balance. Indeed different stages of our lives will inevitably bring different challenges - perhaps you are just starting out and are struggling with making mortgage repayments and raising children; or perhaps you are going through a divorce. In any circumstance, working with a life coach can have great benefits but it is not always practical. Finding time during the day to make an appointment when you have to work or trying to find someone to look after your children can be tricky and paying anything from $80-$200AU per hour when money is tight, can be hard to justify.
The "My Virtual Life Coach" module offers a flexible and cost effective option by using an online questioning model, used by coaches around the world. By analyzing a problem or setting a goal, you will be able to explore what has been stopping you from moving forward and put actions into place to move you closer to your goal. It's all about the results!!!
In addition, the Transformational Toolbox is filled with great resources to teach you the skills to be your very own best life coach - because who knows you better than YOU? It is filled with informative videos and fun activities, by people who have paid for all of the courses, done all the reading for you and use these techniques in their own daily lives.
Finally, the Personal Dashboard keeps track of everything about you - the session you undertake, the goals and actions you have committed to and allows you to keep a journal of your thoughts and actions (you never know, your journey might just turn into a book one day.) It will even remind you when you have not completed an action you have committed to!
You will also receive an electronic copy of my book "Finding Uptopia - Design The Life You Always Wanted", with every new membership.
Short courses or group coaching
Speaker Bio:
Teacher, life coach and author of the soon to be self-published book "Finding Utopia - A Guide To Designing The Life You Have Always Wanted.", Alison Thompson presents an energetic, entertaining and thought provoking story of the transformation of her life from the depths of depression to finding her own version of Utopia. Now living each day to the fullest, Alison shares with you her journey of despair to a life of joy, as she discovered a world she could never have thought existed, filled with health, abundance, love, connection and ultimately happiness. She also shares the techniques and tools that made this transformation possible.

Coaching In Schools:
Using Life Coaching and NLP To Improve Learning Outcomes And Create Happy, Healthy Children and Teachers !
I have often heard people say during personal development seminars "I wish I was taught this at school" and whilst schools are a very different place than they were thirty years ago, indeed teachers and students alike may gain great benefit from the techniques and tools used in the realms of both life coaching and N.L.P.

Available Programs:
One on one or group coaching with leadership teams and teachers.
Full Day and Extended Programs exploring: the benefits of the GROW model and well-formed outcomes - using a structured questioning technique to create great goals and actions; rapport - getting in tune with your students, parents and other staff; communication - explore what your verbal and non-verbal communication is saying to your students; representational systems - exploring the way your students acquire knowledge and learn to deliver information through all of the senses; belief systems and values that support teaching and learning - expanding internal maps - build beliefs and values that excite learners; obstacles to learning - removing limiting beliefs; state management - how your emotions guide your behaviour; creation of positive anchors eg. hand signals for silent classroom control; and the removal of negative anchors and triggers; speaking to the unconscious mind - how our internal and external language can effect the way we feel, think and perceive our world; NLP presuppositions - accepting that there is a positive intention for every behaviour and being able to change an undesired response to a more positive one; transforming perceived failures into positive feedback; framing and reframing - setting the scene for success; how meditation and reflection can create space for growth and well-being; exploring the power of now - overcoming anxiety; perceptual positions - how looking from a different position can create a different picture, behaviour and outcome - building resilience; modelling - use the success of others and our own successes to produce greater results.

Novi Femina [New Woman - Transformational Programs For Women]:
Are you a woman in your late thirties, forties or early fifties and feeling tired, overworked and out of sync?
Have you had your children and are not sure what to do next? Do you lack purpose and energy?
Do you need to find your mojo (Urban Dictionary: sex appeal or talent)?
If so, then this program is designed just for you.
Learn How To:
Discover Your "True-Self"; Re-discover Your Passion And Purpose in Life; Identify Your Roadblocks And Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs; Create A Powerful Vision For The Future And Create and Action Plan For Its Achievement; Transform Your Body Through Nutrition And Exercise; ‘Style' Yourself For Success; Create Dynamic And Rewarding Relationships.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Bachelor of Education
  • Graduate Certificate In Education
  • Certificate IV - Professional Coach (almost completed)
  • Unleash The Power Within - Anthony Robbins
  • Date With Destiny - Anthony Robbins Mastery University
  • Wealth Mastery - Anthony Robbins Mastery University
  • Life Mastery - Anthony Robbins Mastery University
Alison Thompson is a passionate and creative soul, who's life purpose is to contribute to a shift in the social consciousness of the world in favour of holistic well-being through leadership, teaching and story-telling. She has a broad range of educational and other experience which includes: Secondary School Music Teacher - Including Head of Department, Instrumental Music Teacher, Junior School Performing Arts Teacher, Year 9 Level Co-Ordinator, Integration Teacher, T.R.I.P. [Teacher Release Into Industry] Participant, Curriculum Consultant Northern Metro Region Department of Education, Teacher and Student Trainer SoundHouse - Victorian Arts Centre, Footscray and Moreland City College, Marketing Manager For A Sydney Based Clothing Importer (sales; catalogue, website and marketing design) and has also owned her own business in corporate gifts.

Alison Thompson: Bachelor of Education; Graduate Certificate In Education (T.R.I.P.); Anthony Robbins Mastery University Graduate; and is currently studying to be a Professional Coach (I.C.F. - including Certificate IV - Life Coaching) with the Life Coaching Academy.

Alison is the mother of a gorgeous "sporty" 11 year old son, who she adores. She also has 2 cats - Basil and Chester and a fish named "FISH". She has a love for all things creative and spends her down time with her son at his sporting events. She enjoys knitting, sewing, painting and singing. Alison also has a keen interest in health and has spent 2013 Sugar Free.

Fee description

Fees: from $150 USD to $2400 USD


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