lifecoach $250 USD Amanda J Amanda J I have weathered many of life's obstacles and found ways to turn strife to accomplishment.
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Amanda J

Wellness, spirituality, and healing 
Clinton, Maine, United States
I have weathered many of life's obstacles and found ways to turn strife to accomplishment.
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About me

I am a professional compassionate mother of four who employs the passion of achievement to provide service to the public in ways that will be individually and collectively prosperous. I find one of the greatest joys in life is being able to accomplish my individual and group aspirations. I have at many points found this to be difficult tho depending on current life circumstance.
Through education, action, and enlightenment I have aspired to be a well balanced individual! My path to prosperity and success is an ongoing process, yet I have achieved so much already that I can share. My personal and professional obstacles drove me to seek the tools needed to progress. My accomplishments have taught me many skills and strategies to overcome even the harshest of situations. I take pride in providing you with techniques and resources to balance health, wellness, emotional stability, productivity, and personal success. I want to be the push you may need, or the bridge to cross your chasm. And the support to build your dreams!
I believe in the potential of every man. I am confident that provided with the proper support and skills anyone can achieve their own goals and bring contentment and prosperity to their life. Let me show you a path to your own Shangri-La!

Coaching with me

I hope my blog will be an indispensable archive of information and tools to help point you in a right direction. When working with me I like to provide individual daily options to attain optimum health and wellness in your life. Providing the body and spirit with nourishment is the first step to a balanced and successful life! I assist with short term and long term goal setting. As well as daily or as needed support to attain your goals. I seek to provide the knowledge, resources, and support needed for an individual to develop the skills to accomplish their dreams. My goal is to teach you how to lead a healthy and prosperous life. To realize our own personal struggles and strengths and to provide a feeling of self reliance and confidence that will develop your ability to achieve greatness in every area of your life!
Getting to know my clients dreams and aspirations first is critical! What you want to achieve in your life has a great deal to do with our ability to set efficient goals and make accurate strategies. I seek to help you find the inspiration, opportunity, and knowledge that sustains a successful and balanced life! To provide the tools to self sufficiency. So that you are able proceed with the ability and confidence to achieve your own success no matter what the obstacles! I will provide strategies and insight to help you move through life in a manner that will bring you self satisfaction and joy.
By listening to your personal needs and obstacles I shall provide tailored suggestions for improving health and wellness. I am able to provide personalized professional research that will aide in the construction of individualized plans. I am confident that my love of people, superior listening skills and compassion coupled with my desire to help others achieve their dreams. Will be an amazing addition to your life. I will enjoy providing you with the knowledge, motivation, and opportunity to step into the life you have always desired. The life I know is possible for each person. Let me believe in your dreams for a moment and see what we can achieve together!


I offer uniquely tailored one on one sessions via skype, cell, or email. Whichever would serve you best! My availability shall be customized to fit your need. I offer my assistance in the construction of life goals and milestones. personal daily support and planning! I have through many experiences found direction is better accomplished through set goals and achievements.
Each individual has different needs. With this in mind I offer a you 10 min call, absolutely free, to see if I would be the best coach for you! Sessions available include by the min, 30 min and 60 min blocks additional time can always be made available per request.
Long term personalized strategies for individual goal and milestone mapping is available. I take into consideration, individuals personal needs, upcoming goals, life long dreams, and income aspirations. My goal is to assist in personal healing and life satisfaction. I offer my services on a sliding scale fee so that people may improve their lives without impairing their wallet.
My blogs shall be posted regularly and I readily accept topic suggestions for consideration. My links page will offer many resources on full body health & healing as well as various spiritual and nutritional forms of healing. I also offer online video and audio sessions. These can include creation of personalized action plans, organization of life aspirations, Time line goal setting, and pre-production brain storming. I have endless resources and unrivaled creative researching capabilities coupled with extensive knowledge in wholeness/wellness, Life balance, spirituality, interpersonal communications, and extensive personal research and application of basic human needs. I do my best to be available to you each step of the way!

Experience, Certifications and Training

My life obstacles have helped me to struggle, strengthen, and refine; my wisdom and emotional maturity. Through this process I have achieved goals that I previously thought impossible! I have for years struggled; through childhood trauma, depression, emotional instabilities, young parenthood, single parenting as a professional mother, loneliness, personal betrayals, and many other experiences that led me to places in life I would have never thought probable. Through it all I have persevered in the face of adversity and grown into an intelligent, successful and capable individual. I started my professional experience in employment coaching and daily sustenance aide! Assisting individuals with their employment and family goals. For many years I have provided counsel in my community for people who seek out the knowledge and support I can offer! I am found to be naturally compassionate and insightful! I have through years of practice produced an unrivaled ability to listen and comprehend when dealing with people on the intellectual, emotional, and physical level. Each individual inherently knows what they want to fulfill their own needs and expectations. It is sometimes difficult for them, mapping out the plan, and finding the motivations.I employ perseverance in the face of adversity so that I may use my experience strength and hope to uplift others! To be an inspiration and mentor to those who would find my knowledge beneficial.

Fee description

Fees: from $1 USD to $250 USD

I offer a 10 min call free to asses compatibility 1on1 calls .1.00 min up to 20 min > 25$ pr 30 min block > 35$ hr. Personalized plans > 20$ to 250$ per; depending on depth and duration. Goal; provide ongoing support, sliding scale fees available.


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