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Amber Pember

BS in Business, Media, & Design 
Austin, Texas, United States
For the past 14 years, I have developed systems to help small businesses attract the right clients.

About me

A leading provider of operational design and developing strategic business plans in the Austin, Texas area. Amber has experience in both local and national organizations. The use of technology and marketing keeps her in contact with key people in the industry. Her extensive experience ensures that whether you have an establish company or wanting to start your own business, you will be guided to 10X your goals now in order to achieve your desired results. Amber has over fourteen years experience operating businesses.

Amber assists solopreneurs and small businesses in developing their strategic business plans for long-term growth. She specializes in working with women in business.

Amber Pember started her first venture into entrepreneurism early in 2003. She jumped for the chance to start her own business after the realization that the corporate world was not a safety net. After a little of training and a lot of hard work, Amber transformed her limiting beliefs and created a successful business. Within 18 months she was getting referrals and hiring others.

She teaches solopreneurs, wantapreneurs and small businesses how to combine their passions and skill-sets and create a marketable business doing something they love. This is her way of giving back and changing lives. Whether people are going through a career change, looking to get back into the workforce after raising children, or they are just looking for something better, Amber will help guide them to making great choices as their mentor.

Amber has several online programs to assist her clients in getting results. Please visit 60daystofreedom or amberpember for more information.

Coaching with me

Customized Goals Are Developed to Improve the Production and Sales of the Client and his or her team.

With the 60 Days 2 Freedom Platform, Amber's clients will get an overhaul on the business structure providing the best tools and tricks to reach your goals successfully.

Amber assists her clients to:

* Get More Clients
* Make More Money
* Have More Freedom
At first, there is an initial strategy call to become familiar with your needs. From there, a customized plan will be developed in order to get you the best results with your resources.

Online trainings are available for startups.

Customized online trainings are created to give your team direction and provide your new members a smooth on-boarding experience in order to assist them in getting the best results in your business.

Customized plans are great for teams from 3-100 employees. If you have a large independent sales force and need to keep them motivated and on the right track everyday, then a customized business and execution plan is right for you.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.

Private one-on-one small business coaching is available for a limited time. This step would be right for you if you have time and resources to implement the training delivered to produce rapid results.
Online training is available through organized group coaching and customized training packages for your organization.
Short courses or group coaching
Online coursed are ready for you right now if you want to get started and are able to take action right away. If you want to get your business systems gathered, please visit 60days2freedom or jump right into the training at vip.60days2freedom
Ongoing training
Ongoing training is available. Inquire with Amber directly so she can create the right package for you and/or your team.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Bachelor of Science Degree specializing in Business, Media and Design
  • Mass Media Trainings on a regular basis to keep up with technology trends
  • Sales Development Trainings
As a business owner for 14 years, Amber has developed a keen sense of what a small business needs in order to grow. With continuing education in the marketing and technology fields, Amber is able to assist your team by providing up-to-date material which will be relevant to your staff and customers.

Fee description

Fees: from $499 USD to $20000 USD

VIP Day: Special $499*
2 Day Intensive: $1497*
60 Days 2 Freedom: Customized Training
6 Months - 1Year Training Packages are customizable to fit your needs

*Prices and availability subject to change without notice


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