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Aminah Burch

RMT & Spiritual/Personal Coach 
Columbia, United States

Silly indigo child lightworker healer spreading the love and light

About me

Whatever you like, I love. As an empath, I am very open to others and what they love and I love that. Maybe not so much the negative aspect of being an empath and taking on other people's emotions. I'm an eccentric and esoteric lady who really loves to see people grow, blossom, and evolve. Love is life and I live my life for love and to grow that love in the world. I believe that to see the good and change in the world, we must see the good in ourselves or change ourselves to see that good. We all have the ability to experience the goodness that this life has to offer and I love experiencing it and want others to experience it too!

Coaching with me


- Self-love
- Self-acceptance
- Growth
- Motivation
- Accomplishment of goals
- Success in all endeavors
- Spiritual awakening
- Discovery of true self


With fun and love and openness!

There are 3 phases to my coaching: Recognition, Action, and Goal Attainment. In the recognition phase there are 3-4 steps that allow the client to recognize limiting beliefs and habits that prevent them from accomplishing their goals or that keep them from reaching their destination. The client will also recognize their strengths and weaknesses and big goals that they'd like to attain. The Action phase get them moving on eliminating and transmuting negative thoughts and beliefs about themselves and creates strengths from their previous weaknesses. Finally, the goal attainment puts the client on the road to getting to their ultimate goal and/or destination.



Currently, I am only offering online coaching with emailing and online messaging being the two primary ways that I communicate with clients. Texting will also be used in case-by-case bases. The types of coaching that I offer are personal and spiritual, with creativity, Law of Attraction, and laughter being in development. I use forms, online journals, emails, and messaging to provide activities. My main goals with coaching are to open clients up to their true selves and to find the love and life within them to become their own coaches. I do this with lots of fun and light-heartedness!

Experience, Certifications and Training


Being in military intelligence for 7 years, I've learned a lot about people. This, not just because of the immense analytical knowledge that I attained, but because of my ability to study people and the diverse group of people that join the military. Seeing how miserable people are just based off of the types of thoughts they have enticed me to help people reverse that thinking and to be more positive and take control of their lives.

Fee description

Fees: from $300 USD to $750 USD

The prices between the $300-750 range are based on monthly prices, and include from 4 sessions a month to 6 sessions a month and some packages include Reiki, Chios, and/or Tarot card readings.


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