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Amrita Arvind Yennemadi

Wellness Coach,Psychologist (M.A) 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Wellness Coach, Psychologist,Yoga Practitioner
Life coach Wellness coach

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About me

Wellness is all about the mindset!. People don’t need any more advice about vitamins, or to be told to exercise or lose weight or stop smoking. they need an accountability partner who is an expert in change.

As a Wellness coach, Yoga Practitioner and a Psychologist my focus is on partnering with clients to help them establish healthier lifestyles by working on the different facets of their mindset. Wellness is a condition of good physical, mental and emotional health, especially when maintained by an appropriate diet, exercise and other lifestyle modifications.

Coaching with me

Creating lasting lifestyle changes
Eating strategies
Fitness & exercise regime
Integration of healthy habits into daily lives
Weight Management
Stress Management
Work Life Balance
Emotional Wellness
Physical Wellness
Spiritual Wellness

I coach via video calls or voice calls


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One on One
Video Calling

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Masters in Psychology
  • Certified Wellness Coach (ICF Approved)
  • Yoga Teacher,Therapy and Counselling
  • Successfully completed all accredited studies and challenges associated with the Success Conversion Coaching program which is equivalent to the recognition of
  • Post MBA course in Advanced Human capital & Organization Development
I was working in the Corporate set up at a reputed organization (as a industrial psychologist) in the field of HR for 8 years.There is one philosophy in life which has always guided me that "thoughts create reality". So always rule your mind before it rules you.That's what made me make the big shift out of the corporate world into the world of wellness, so that i can reach out to more people and make a difference to their lives.

For me its all about the mind and whether it's wellness, yoga or psychology they all operate with the same premise.I have been a state level badminton player and i understand the importance of staying fit not just physically but also emotionally and mentally. Today 75% of diseases are either lifestyle related or psychosomatic. This means that we are ignoring all the vital and subtle signs of our body and mind and we only pay attention to ourselves when its a little too late.Unfortunately we all think we have time.
Wellness is preventive and staying healthy is no longer an option, it' s a way of life!   more ...

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Fees: from $10 USD to $15 USD

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