lifecoach $60 USD Andjelija Simic Andjelija Simic Master in psychology. Every problem has a solution-it's only a matter of time! Never give up.
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Andjelija Simic

Master of arts in Psychology 
Novi Sad, No region, Serbia
Master in psychology. Every problem has a solution-it's only a matter of time! Never give up.
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About me

I beleive that exists a small peace of universe that we can change. That piece represents us. Every change requires bravery. We should jump into the change and make a step inot uncertainty. We might give up from some things, people, relations and in that manner, we might see the world from another perspective.
Working with clients, I tend to establish a relationship of trust and to encourage them to change. Change is the only constant in our life and in order to make it, we should be brave. We must dare and make a step into uncertainty. We might renounce some things, some people or some relations we had before and see the new perspective. Together with the client, we make a problem list or we scan an area in which the client wants to improve. I try to enable clients to see clearly their own path, their aims, possibilities, chances, but also to understand themselves better. Understanding ourselves better is the way to understand others better, too. It is necessary to make contact with ourselves, our emotions and our thoughts if we want to make an improvement in our personality. Client is the one who makes the change and our aim is the improvement of personality and optimal functioning.

Coaching with me

Many of my clients:
-got relief form anxiety and panic
-get back to healthy life styles
-learned how to deal with difficuilt emotins
-gained more emotional regulation
-solved relationship problems and estabilish healthier relations with their family and friends
-learned to enjoy in life
Key points of my work are:
1. Estabilishing connection between me and client, through atmosphere of trust and respect
2. Setting a list of potential problems/difficuilties/areas of personal improvement
3. carefully listening client and together we discuss, choose and create the best possible solutions!
4. Encouraging to change


Online coaching,via Skype

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Master of Arts in Psychology
  • Advanced Training course in Rational-Emotive and Cognitive-Behavioral theory and tecniques
  • Assertiveness in every day communication
  • Transactioanl analysis in everyday life
  • Techniques of relaxation
My first professional experience I have gained as a volunteer with children without parents. After that I have taken, as a participant and later as a coach, many courses of personal development: tecniques of relaxation, TA in everyday life, assertiveness in every day communication, What's now-dealing with loss, How to boos your creativity and etc.
My life journey was full of obstacles and difficuilt, but somehow interesting situations. I believe everything that happened to us and every person who we met, has some meaning and learn us to be better persons.

Fee description

Fees: from $15 USD to $60 USD

15 Euro are fees for live chat sessions, 20 euro are fees for Skype sessions, and 60 euro are fees for e mail sessions (that includes 10 written answers from me,approximately about 700-1000 words)


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