lifecoach $1200 USD Andrea Brown Andrea Brown Reach inner peace and confidence while creating a life filled with love, happiness and freedom.
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Andrea Brown

Life Coach, Self Image Consultant 
Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada
Reach inner peace and confidence while creating a life filled with love, happiness and freedom.

About me

After years of battling depression, distorted eating and an overall lack of confidence, I finally reached the decision that changed my life. I DECIDED that I would no longer continue to live my life imprisoned in my own mind- I deserved more. I had no idea how I was going to do it, in fact I didn't even know if it was possible, but that moment of determined refusal to give up my own happiness sent me on a journey that would forever change my life.

Five years later, I've gone from a follower who was dependent on others opinions, to a passionate and determined leader. I now life a life helping women who feel the same way I did, to connect with the same inner guiding system which has brought me to a place of pure self love, freedom in all areas and excitement for my life.

Each of us have the ability to life a limitless life full of confidence and unconditional love for ourselves. I work with women to find this love from the inside then reflect it out into image they want to portray to the world. Decide the life YOU want to live, mix in a little law of attraction and begin today on the pursuit of happiness. ♡

Coaching with me

-Tap into your own inner guidance system to live a life you are excited about.
- Find love in yourself as you are, then shape yourself into who you want to be.
- Develop confidence and skills to expand your social connections and surround yourself with positive people.
- Work through limiting beliefs and replace them with determination.
- Learn to keep your emotions in check and stay in a positive mindset.
- Practice daily gratitude and appreciation.
- Live your life in the moment, not trapped in your own inner battle.
- Create daily habits to improve your overall life and happiness.
I'm a huge fan of writing, so be prepared to do a lot of self discovery in a daily journal! The path to freedom can be hard, discouraging at times and takes a whole lot of energy. I've been down the road and understand every step of the way. I'm here to hold your hand and guide you until you are able to stand on your own.

Gratitude is my secret ingredient to a fulfilling life. I work with my clients to start noticing the beautiful little things surrounding them on a daily basis, which leads to letting go of what your currently stressed about. I love the law of attraction and work with you to stay in a high vibration and watch synchronicity manifest all around you.

The root to most of our surface problems (diet, career related, relationship) usually come down to a deep desire to feel loved. Through experience, I know this love does not and will not ever come from the outside sources in which we search. I am here to help you find that unconditional love you crave, within yourself - only then will you invite it into your life experience. ♡


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- Begin with a 1 hour Discovery Session to determine your goals and intention for our Coaching Relationship.
- Weekly 30 minute Sessions
- Daily homework
- Weekly assignments
- Unlimited e-mail access to me
*All Coaching Sessions are done through Skype unless specified otherwise.
E-mail Coaching consists of unlimited e-mail access to me for the duration of our Coaching Relationship.
- Set daily intentions every morning
- Daily homework
- Weekly assignments
- Scheduled e-mail chats and daily check ins.
Short courses or group coaching
Be Who You Want To Be - 3 month Online Course

- Discover your limiting beliefs while uncovering the story of who you THINK you are.
- Create a new story in which you are the author of your own life experience.
- Practice daily gratitude
- Bring the passions and interets you used to love back into your life.
- Find your Purpose
- Answer the question that has the power to change your life - WHY do you do what you do?
- Write your manifesto

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Image Consultant
  • Community Support Worker
  • Life Purpose Coach
  • Spiritual Connection and Development
  • A Course in Miracles
  • Law of Attraction
I spent my entire life searching for love, yet when I finally found it, I spiraled out of control into depression and distorted eating as if trying to push it away. Experiencing love from another was never the answer, it was recognizing this truth and then beginning on a path to find whatever it was I really wanted, turns out all along I just needed to love myself.

I know exactly how it feels to have the voice in your head telling you, you aren't good enough, to over analyze, judge and feel completely lost. I also now know a life where that voice is supportive, strong and always encouraging. Experiencing a calmness in my mind that allows me to make every decision based on what I truly want, not what will make others happy. I welcome you to begin your own journey to inner peace without judgment and to become your own biggest supporter - because you truly are limitless. ♡

Fee description

Fees: from $99 USD to $1200 USD

Private 1:1 Coaching (Skype)
- $500.00 per month
- Recommended 3 month commitment - Pay in full for $1200.00
- $130 per single session

1:1 E-mail Coaching
- $300 per month

3 Month Online Course (Self Pace)
- $99.00
- add Private E-mail Coaching for additional feedback and support: + $150.00


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