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Andrea Carlone

CTA Certified 
St Petersburg, Florida, United States

Intuitive, compassionate, good Listener, empathic

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About me

Originally from Connecticut, I moved to Florida in 1999 and it was the best move I ever made!! I just love it here. I live an alternative lifestyle and have been out in the LGBT community for about 30 years.
As a child and into my adult life, I suffered from Panic Disorder. It was very hard for me to get through school. I had a meltdown in my freshman year of high school as I was suffering not only from Panic Disorder but Depression. I was fortunate and got the help I needed. For me, I grew to realize there are much better ways to deal with both Panic Disorder and Depression.
Depression was really no longer the issue but the Panic Disorder continued. However, not understanding the full cycle of Panic Disorder, it brought periods of depression along with it. Finally one night, when I was up in the wee hours of the morning, I found a self-help program on an infomercial. I have to say it was the best $300.00 I ever spent. This program, along with my therapist’s guidance, changed my life!!! I no longer suffer from Panic Disorder and I have eliminated negative self-talk that went along with the episodes. I no longer scare myself and I know how to stop the attacks in case they ever occur. They do materialize from time to time, but they no longer control my life!!!
Along with all of this, I also discovered that I am an Empath/Intuitive and have been since I was a child. I’m sure this contributed to my panic attacks as you pick up the emotions and physical pain of those around you. Now that I am older, I truly see this ability as a gift. It connects me to many people in ways that others can’t connect. People do find me, be it social networking, in my work life or just out in everyday life. We connect on all different levels that help them on their life’s journey as well as helping me on mine. For this reason, I decided to become a Life Coach. I have a deep need to be there for others and it is rewarding for both me and those I work with.
At this time, I am working on my Certification through Coach Training Alliance which will be completed by end of January 2014 and have my business up and running!! I’m so happy to be able to do this as it is my life’s calling!!

Coaching with me


I help my clients in finding that place inside where you realize that you can do anything you want if you believe in yourself. Only you can create your own happiness.


I ask my clients to come to sessions with an agenda and some outcome that they would like to achieve. I ask questions based on that and together we work to help you get results Depending on the client I might also suggest things to help them if asked. I also, for those interested, work with astrology and crystals. I also love to laugh and I think it is important to relax and enjoy your sessions too. It's good to connect with each others energy so that your sessions will be satisfying and productive.



One on one coaching by phone or webcam!
Sessions by Phone or Webcam:
1 Session of 20 min $30.00
1 Session of 50 min $60.00
4 Session Package 50 min each $200.00
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Webcam, Chat, Phone

Experience, Certifications and Training


I suffered from Panic for years, as a child and as an adult, but worked with my therapist on retraining my thinking and how I look at things and since then I don't suffer from it any longer, not that it's completely gone but I know how to keep it in check to the point where I barely get any attacks anymore. I love share that with other and my outlook on life. I have studied the Law of Attraction and use that also in my coaching.

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Fees: from $30 USD to $60 USD

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