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Andrea Richards Scott

Silver Spring, Maryland, United States
My one-on-one coaching sessions focus on personal, professional and spiritual development

About me

My one-on-one coaching sessions focus on personal, professional and spiritual development to help current and aspiring small business owners and solopreneurs to discover, live and advance their purpose, get unstuck and accelerate toward goal attainment.

I am a professional coach and have a certificate in personal development coaching from International Coach Academy. I hold a Master of Business Administration Degree in from University of Georgia and I am currently pursuing my Doctor of Education Degree in Human and Organizational Learning at George Washington University. I am also the co-author of Keys to the Kingdom: A Manual for Success in Today’s World and Author of Purpose Quest: Passionately Pursuing Your Purpose, a spiritual guide to discovering your divine calling. Most of my clients have left Corporate America to start their own businesses or are seeking a path to business ownership. I specialize in helping purpose-driven, spiritually focused professionals and entrepreneurs who are passionate about their vision to make a difference in the world. I provide action-oriented coaching via private phone sessions.

Coaching with me

I have helped clients with acting and music careers; start businesses; get clarity about their careers; return to school to switch careers; and set up action plans to attain their goals. What Clients Are Saying:

…supportive, understanding, a strong yet gentle guiding hand…- Akilah Everett. Washington, DC

…pleasant persistence kept me confronting my reality…- Lorraine Anaman, Upper Marlboro, MD

…helped me to get unstuck and to move forward my life…- Deb Kolb, Wanaka, New Zealand

…grasp the breadth and depth of various disciplines ranging from relationships to careers to entrepreneurial ventures… - Cindy Poss, Washington, DC

…I wouldn’t have been able to do it nearly as quickly or boldly had I not met you…- Farah Lawal, Washington, DC.

…I have the confidence to go after once impossible goals…- Marilyn Evans, Shelby, NC

…During my time with Andrea I have started weekly discussion groups, organised my first two seminars and stepped into a better way of doing business…-Margit Cruice, Queensland, Australia

…In a relatively short period of time, she grasped my story and guided me to address obstacles and subsequent remedies…-Gilbert Knowles, KNOWLESWHATTODO Mentoring Consultants

Each session was not business as usual, I felt alive and on the edge of my comfort zone…. -Gregorio Capra, Winchester, United Kingdom

She helped me realize that I was already doing BOTH of these things [songwriting and performing] well, and that I did not have to choose. All I had to do was follow through. - Jamie Purnell, Raleigh, NC
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I can help you with Your Life, Business or Career by inspiring you to maximize your full potential while holding you accountable for your own goal attainment. Coaching with me creates a space for confidential conversations which foster clarity, brainstorming, and action planning. Through the coaching process, you will get ‘unstuck’, overcome fears, meet new challenges, identify new opportunities and take action towards the life you desire. I help you:

• Gain clarity and develop an action plan
• Negotiate the things you really want and eliminate the things you don’t want
• Establish personal and professional boundaries
• Create strategies to overcome specific challenges that prevent you from reaching your goal
• Identify and take advantage of new opportunities
• Make a career transition plan from employee to entrepreneur

Coaching with me allows you to move more rapidly into goal attainment than you would without support.


I provide action-oriented coaching via private phone sessions.

Fee description

Fees: from $199 USD to $399 USD

Choose from two coaching packages:
One-Month Coaching Package $399
This package includes:
 four 60-minute sessions over a one-month period
 unlimited email support from me
Two-Session Coaching Package $199
This package includes:
 two 60-minute sessions over a one-month period


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