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Andreas Hjerm

Sales | Leadership | Career | DiSC  
Lugano, Cantone Ticino, Switzerland
Personality assessment-based performance and career coaching for sustainable results that matters
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FEES from €200 EUR to €5000 EUR for coaching packages. more...

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About me

My professional background includes sales, sales management, sales training and course creation and execution. This has given me a broad set of skills I am able to use when serving others in 1:1 sessions.

As an authorized Everything DiSC partner I also have access to one of the most powerful tool on the market when it comes to personality assessment and personal development.

All this combined gives me an unique position as a trainer/coach which definitely will benefit you on journey towards excellence.

I´m looking forward to be apart of that journey!


Coaching with me


I help my clients increase their self-awareness in order to better understand the challenges and strengths of their natural tendencies and communication style, as well as motivation and stressors.

This can applied in career coaching, sales coaching, leadership coaching, communication coaching and performance coaching.


My style is honest, challenging and direct. I beielve in instant results, and that a raised self-awereness is key.

I use the tools from Everything DiSC which inlcude role-specific personality assessments with a PREMIER quality.



Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.


Personality Assessment Coaching:

Suitable for:

  • Career coaching

  • Performance coaching

  • Sales coaching

  • Leadership coaching

  • Team coaching

  1. Introduction call (30 min)

  2. Personality assessment from Everything DiSC (web-based)

  3. "Reflect & Explore" call (60 min)

  4. Coaching calls (60 min)

The report generated from the personality assessment will act as the foundation for our continued journey. It will not have the answers but it is your tool and it will help you find them.

The first call after taken the assessment will be focused on going through the report which will give you insights and hands-on feedback. In this call we will also set the direction for the up-coming sessions.

Ongoing training

New Leader Training Program

A 26 week premium training program for new sales leaders

  • Preparation including personality assessment and 1:1 session

  • Online live training

  • 1:1 follow-up

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Authorized Everything DiSC Partner

I started in sales with close to zero experiences and worked my way up in the hierarchy including roles such as sales team lead, sales trainer and training manager.

My strengths lies with in communication which has helped me in each one of those roles. Learning the science of communication have benefited me in my personal life as well, as it allows you to become aware of you own natural patterns.

I was never naturally well-spoken, this was something I had to learn.

And I feel it´s my duty to provide other people with the same opportunity.


I was born in Sweden, spent 9 years in Norway before moving to Switzerland where I live with my partner and our twins.

Fee description

Fees: from €200 EUR to €5000 EUR

Hourly rate for 1:1 coaching is 200

Participation (one-time fee) in New Leader Training Program is 5000


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