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Angelina Carleton

Penn State U & Coaches Training Ins 
Beverly Hills, California, United States
Let your human journey to legacy begin.
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FEES from $350 USD to $1000 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

After 18 years of determining value for property, I asked the question of "how much more valuable would our lives be if we pursued our true goals?" Would you like to live your life without the mask?

My Partner's Background:

My partner has experiences in multiple cultures. These cultures include Easter Island, Israel, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Egypt, South Africa, China, Singapore, Thailand, Burma, Laos, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Germany, France, the Netherlands, England, Ireland, Iceland, Ecuador, Peru, Belize, Brazil, Chile and Russia. Even afternoon tea with the Queen of England. We are all human.

Coaching with me

Legacy can mean different things to different people in their initial reaction to the word as it relates to their life.

We define legacy as a blend of life achievements and good memories, based on the values you live your life by. You may define legacy in different words.

More than words, we work with individuals to create the life they want to live. We focus on clarifying a client's life purpose and how it can be lived out, while acknowledging the impact of this change on themselves and the circle of people around them. What are the benefits? What are the possibilities? Who might be ready for it and what might the reactions be?

Trained by the co-active coaches at the Coaches Training Institute, tools and concepts include listening on various levels on what is said and not said, powerful questioning to uncover truths, emotional processing through obstacles to open oneself up to existing resources, creating allies in moving from strength to strength, guided visualizations if and when the client is ready, future projections to think through next steps, physical movement to get one out of their chair and embodiment to make use of the various parts of ourselves.

Results have spanned from both internal freedom [big sigh of relief] to more personal options in the work place in managing associates and clients. These small wins then loop back to an individual's legacy in how they chose to design their life, their contribution(s), their definition of the role they play with others, their free time to better love others and take care of themselves in self care, and their courage to continue to grow and reach for more. Reaching for more is distinct to that client and has included new conversations in expanding their business clientele, both in the US and abroad, to respecting themselves more in owning their talents. Like a tree has deep roots into the ground, their mental foundation is strengthened to go forward in confidence [or faith] and leave their positive impact for this world.

Some testimonials can be found on my Facebook business page and, due to the private nature of coaching in the signed NDA, client testimonials are limited in public.

We support clients in their interest to invest in themselves. We hope to work with you to build your legacy and look forward to hearing from you soon!
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We utilize video conferencing as the preferred communication method to bridge time and distance. This allows us to connect with anyone, anywhere, at any time. Video conferencing can be through Skype, the Zoom app, logging onto a conference call service online, etc.


Different than counseling or therapy, coaching looks into a future that you inspire to create.

Our coaching helps you hone in on the targets. Is your life an example for the world to emulate?

What universal values will you bring to the world? Truth, love, justice, the American way, caring, moral values?

​Like the way calypso music inspires happiness to those around you, what will you do to inspire others?

Our mission is to project your values for your legacy for future generations.

What would you do to influence the next seven generations?

Imagine doing the limbo to share happiness and to laugh in a room full of 100 ... even when we look silly and try.

Or imagine jumping over the fence to catch the baseball, would you dive over the fence?

Imagine creating your legacy every day of your life, whether or not other people are watching.

​You are doing it for yourself.

Imagine walking into a world where legacies are already built...

How would you like to create it?
We utilize video conferencing so the other party can be seen and heard, this way we can bridge time and distance. This allows us to connect with anyone, anywhere, at any time.
Short courses or group coaching
We utilize video conferencing so the other party can be seen and heard, this way we can bridge time and distance. This allows us to connect with anyone, anywhere, at any time.
Ongoing training
We utilize video conferencing so the other party can be seen and heard, this way we can bridge time and distance. This allows us to connect with anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • The Coaches Training Institute Certification Program
  • The Coaches Training Institute Executive Education
  • The Coaches Training Institute Core Curriculum
  • The Pennsylvania State University
Professional experience includes a background in real estate transactions in the past 18 years, with court and tax related clients as well as investors. While real estate notices the physical and financial features of a property, people and their human nature are still included. The negotiations that can go on for day, weeks, months or years, as human desires and emotions drive what people are willing to commit to and what people perceive as fair. Real estate transactions also taught me about holding an open space for three or more views [lender's underwriter, review appraiser, seller, buyer, etc] and the practice of targeting what is the most important item for each party. Once understood, the objections disappear and there can be a meeting of all minds to move forward where everyone feels there is a win.

Similarly, in life experiences, we come into this world and the people around us try the best they can given their past experiences. Their upbringing, their social values, their sense of life. People give what they have been taught. As each year has passed and there has been time for reflection, I realize the freedom and responsibility to chose as an adult which traditions to bring forward from 13 generations past in the US. I can also chose which patterns to amend and let go of in the contribution goals for these days. Whether the contribution is time, thought and heart energy or financial consideration, I can give of myself in the small ripple in the pond. There is a sensitivity to respecting traditions and cultures while evaluating the present and the future in reconciliation.    more ...

Fee description

Fees: from $350 USD to $1000 USD

Clients can retain my coaching services by way of the following:


For six months of coaching, the retainer is $5,000 with weekly sessions for check in, exploration, the space to discuss various topics, etc.

For year long coaching, the fee is a $10,000 retainer with weekly sessions.


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