lifecoach $500 USD Angie Schwalbe Angie Schwalbe Oneiro Life Coach provides coaching services to help you set your goals in life.
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Angie Schwalbe

Goal achievement specialist 
Worcester County, Massachusetts, United States
Oneiro Life Coach provides coaching services to help you set your goals in life.
Life coach Career coach
Wellness coach Productivity coach
Small business coach Declutter, Time Management, Job Search

FEES from $75 USD to $500 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

With more than 14 years experience managing IT projects, I have taken that expertise to life areas with great results. There is no substitute for years of experience when looking for a coach. Let me help you set your goals and meet them.

Together we will:

Identify your goals
Set attainable action items
Work on keeping you to task

Coaching with me

Areas where I can help include:

Household organization
Organization and Time Management
Clearing clutter
Fine tuning your resume
Moving steps
Life goal creation and achievement
Bucket list development
Making better life choices - clearing the negativity in your life
Resume revamping tips
Meal planning to make the work week easier
When working with clients, I like to first have them complete an intake form so that I have a good baseline to start our conversations. This is followed with a one hour coaching session by phone, creation of a plan (delivered to client) and follow up as needed for support.

For decluttering, we can develop an action plan or I can provide tips based on submitted photos.

All sessions are personalized


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.

Oneiro Life Coach offers the following coaching packages for business and personal goals:
Coaching Services
Oneiro Mini Package - $75
• Free intake review
• 1 - 30 minute session via phone
• 1 customized action plan to be completed by client
• 1 e-mail check-in
Oneiro Package One - 350 per month
• 2 - 45 minute sessions per month
• 2 customized action plans to be completed between sessions
• 4 e-mail check-ins
Oneiro Package Two – 450 per month
• 3 - 45 minute sessions per month
• 3 customized action plans to be completed between sessions
• 6 e-mail check-ins
Consulting Services starting at $50
• Home organization and decluttering plan (based on photos you provide)
• Meal Planning analysis and suggestions – to save time and money
• Time Management analysis and action plan
• Small Business Web site set up
• Resume Review and feedback via e-mail
• Interview preparation consult via phone
Initial e-mail consults are free of charge.
Oneiro is offering free intake review, followed by a 30 minute phone plan creation and a written plan delivered to you via e-mail. Follow ups are optional so there is minimal financial commitment from you. Only $75 for new clients.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
  • Management Training
  • Train the trainer course study
  • Life Coach studies
  • 14 years Project Management Experience
Since 1988, I have worked in positions that are focused around projects. In 2000, I became a Project Manager and have a proven track record of successful on time delivery. As a busy mom, I have used these skills in many areas of life from
planning for parties, major surgeries and recovery for my son, removing clutter from my house after a divorce, resume creation and self marketing for family members and business plan development and success strategies.

Fee description

Fees: from $75 USD to $500 USD

Fees include an intake questioner and working sessions that vary based on clients needs


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