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Anita Alig

IET, NLP, Flow, Meditation 
Spiddal, Gaillimh, Ireland
I love helping people to overcome challenges and live their best life

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  • Soulfulness Healing and Coaching


    Sign up for the gold-standard Soulfulness Healing and Coaching Program to heal your life and start thriving

    $650.00 USD RRP $1000.00 USD     save 35% ADD TO CART
  • Personal Breakthrough Session


    Evaluate all areas of your life, find areas of need, and lay the foundation for deep change.

    $150.00 USD RRP $150.00 USD     ADD TO CART
  • 2-Month Love Flow Programme


    Build a flow personality with daily flow triggers, breathing exercises, mindset rituals, stretching, strength, and balancing exercises.

    $250.00 USD RRP $1000.00 USD     save 75% ADD TO CART
  • Three month of NLP coaching


    Get unstuck and thrive with my NLP coaching program. Remove self-limiting beliefs and overcome emotions and values that are holding you back.

    $400.00 USD RRP $1200.00 USD     save 67% ADD TO CART

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