lifecoach $100 USD Ankita Sonawane Ankita Sonawane I am a therapist, psychological counselor and a happiness coach.
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Ankita Sonawane

Happiness coach 
Pune, Maharashtra, India
I am a therapist, psychological counselor and a happiness coach.

FEES from $5 USD to $100 USD for coaching packages. more...

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Private coaching is a very friendly interaction between the coach and client which will help the client to overcome any difficulties that they are facing. Private coaching is available for people from all ages, backgrounds and class. We specialize in happiness coaching and coaching for wellbeing, spirituality and relationships. Coaching is a self-tranforming experience. A coach is like the friend you never had. We will guide you towards the life of your dreams and people will watch in amazement at the perfect life you live.
Online coaching takes place on a virtual platform. In the form of Skype sessions, Gtalk or even Emails. In online coaching a client can get help and advice from the coach without coming face to face. The clients inhibition to attend a coaching session is lesser here as they do not have to personally meet the coach. We believe that online coaching is as beneficial as face to face sessions.
Short courses or group coaching
We have a number of short courses and workshops offered for those who would like to attend coaching sessions in a group. Families, couples and peers can enrool themselves for such courses. We have courses right from leadership, mindfulness, optimism, meditations, yoga, heath & nutrition.

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Fees: from $5 USD to $100 USD


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