lifecoach $150 USD Anthony Austin, MS, CPC Anthony Austin, MS, CPC I coach individuals, and families in the areas of personal and relationship growth and development.
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Anthony Austin, MS, CPC

Certified Life Coach & Consultant 
Detroit, Michigan, United States
I coach individuals, and families in the areas of personal and relationship growth and development.

About me

I coach individuals, couples, teens, and families,in the areas of personal and relationship development, premarital/marital goal setting, conflict resolution, and crisis prevention and intervention. I am experienced in working with people from all backgrounds and walks of life. I am patient as well as an active listener. i am detailed-oriented and I like to resolve issues in a timely fashion. My clients are very valuable to me and I like to spend time working with cases using multiple strategies. I understand that my clients' needs are time sensitive and I work very diligently to make sure that respond to their requests promptly. Outside of the Business, I am a very easy going individual. I love spending time with family and just enjoying the simply things in life! Lastly, I love to encourage other individuals to live a life full of happiness and personal success!

Coaching with me

In the coaching/client relationship if the client is never brought to action then the
two are essentially just meeting to have great conversations.
In the coaching conversation, through questions the client is pushed to think in new
creative and stretching ways with the intention that the client is going to walk away
committed to a plan of action with real steps.
Listening and asking questions are always the tools that are employed throughout.
Coaches do not start the conversation with exploratory listening and questioning only
to take over when the strategy begins. Even when the client is brought to a place of
strategic action, it is still the client that is discovering the solutions and developing the
next steps.
Solutions developed by the client are more effective than those forced upon them
• They fit the personality of the client
• They fit the skills and abilities of the client
• The client knows more about themselves than the coach
• The client will be more committed to the things that they have developed than
those that are developed by another authority
There are a number of different models that coaches follow to walk clients through
this problem-solving process. We are going to share one popular tool: The GROW
model so you can see how this works.
The GROW model provides a problem-solving track to run on as we’re listening and
asking questions. We only progress through each area as the client clarifies, confirms, and commits to them
In subsequent coaching sessions, we must followup on action items. The coach asks the client for a progress report on the items agreed upon.

It is voluntary
Healthy accountability starts with a voluntary relationship where one person requests the other to hold them accountable for a personal commitment.
In a coaching, this is part of the nature of relationship: I will say that I’m going to do “x,” and you are going to ask me about “x” to confirm that I’ve kept my commitment.

If coaches are going to take the time to ask the client to be accountable, it’s important to give credit where credit is due. Affirmation and validation is critical to the success of your client.


I do offer private one-on-one coaching sessions. These sessions are designed to create a safe zone for my clients to share their most intimate and confidential information. These private sessions can take place in in person or over the phone.
Due to certain circumstances, some clients are not able to meet with me in person, so I definitely conduct online coaching sessions. These sessions take place via internet, Skype, Face-time, or through my website. Clients are still able to receive the same services as if they were in a private sessions. I also conduct weekly and monthly chats with clients to follow up on previous sessions.
Short courses or group coaching
Occasionally, I do offer group sessions or maybe even online courses to assist a number of individuals. Due to the number of people in the sessions, there is a limited amount of information which can be shared. Confidential information will only be shared during private sessions only.
Ongoing training
Due to certain circumstances, there are times when I will have additional ongoing training with some clients. However, I do perform frequent follow-ups on all of my clients.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Life Coach Certification
  • Master of Science Degree in Sociology/Criminal Justice
  • Consultant ceritification
  • Life Coach Core Training
I coach individuals, couples, teens, and families,in the areas of personal and relationship development, premarital/marital goal setting, conflict resolution, and crisis prevention and intervention. I have spent the last five years helping people reach their ultimate potential, But now I am making this a career now. I am very experienced in what I do and it has become a joy in life.

Fee description

Fees: from $35 USD to $150 USD

I am a very flexible Life Coach, which means I will negotiate prices. However price negotiations are dependent upon the circumstance. I have a range of prices due to the vast amount of services I perform. if the prices are are too much, I will make adjustments.


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