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Anthony Rockliffe

Master Evolved Coach 
Lonehill, Gauteng, South Africa
Effective coaching for amazing results. An amazing life. Simple

About me

This is a testimony from a client, but it sums me up nicely: I've just heard someone on youtube speak of the power of conversation that when one is engaged in a conversation with someone it is as if one is unfolding an entire universe as you engage with them. This is exactly how I feel my interactions and four months of coaching with Anthony has felt like. A new universe in that a magical spark took flight and with each session my awareness of self began to spring life.

He is an amazing guru and on every occasion I have the pleasure of meeting with him I am able to take away a golden nugget, a new insight, fresh daily inspiration or brilliant new awareness of looking at something from a different perspective.

Anthony's work is masterful in that he has dedicated so many fruitful hours to re-inspiring himself in the game of life and coaching people to play full out. He has taught me to take responsibility for my life and in each day from the very first session I had I have become more accountable, live more in the present moment and live light too.

I love his term "transformation junkie" and adopt it freely and proudly because one should always be re-inventing, scratching and re- purposing, better formed and modified. This is why I continue to look toward Anthony as my guiding mentor and coach and highly recommend him to anyone who feels that life is for the living but has not yet travel with a friend, and look forward to a brighter tomorrow.

Coaching with me

Most therapeutic approaches attempt to modify behaviour and thus impact the end results, but any approach that does not take the underlying value system into account is doomed to fail.

By the time my client comes to me they have attempted many times to change - they have read books, embarked on a program of affirmations, or perhaps even sought some type of professional help. These all work for a little while, but the problem behaviour soon reasserts itself and the client is back to where he/she started. This approach attempts to effect change from the outside in.

Personal Transformation coaching has the value system as it’s target, so an invested client will always get results. This approach effects change from the inside out. Behaviour modification is only used if the client is engaging in potentially harmful behaviours.

Relationship Coaching

Relationships are undeniably the cause of the greatest joy or suffering, but for most people they are nothing short of a mystery.

All relationship problems have an incompatible value system at their root. However, incompatibility is not terminal. Where both parties are willing and invested there is no relationship that cannot be repaired.

As well as value system coaching, the client will be coached in revolutionary communication skills, and will set relationship goals to work towards.
True compatibility in a relationship lies in two value systems that are comparable. Relationships often go wrong because our values evolve over time and we can find ourselves out of sync with our partner in terms of our value systems. Remember, values affect the way we think and perceive, as well as our behaviour.

Career Coaching

Values are what drive us. We have a set of values for the workplace that determine our behaviour in the workplace. Eliciting and then adjusting your "workplace" value system can make all the difference to the success of your career.

Imagine your values being aligned to support the success of your business, and imagine everyone in your business having those same values. Everyone motivated to succeed in the same way! This is the power of value alignment in the workplace.

Stress management

Stress is the root of all modern day illness and psychological concerns. Living in fear and stress are synonymous and if you want to be happy and at peace then it is vital to have an effective stress management system. I have designed the Imagine Gradual Immersion Minfulness Meditation Program for the this purpose.

Creativity is stifled by stress; in fact prolonged stress can cause us to “forget” how to even be creative. Creativity is essential to any business. I will take you from stressed, back to “in control” and then to relaxed.

Superior Goal Setting

Most of us have attempted goal setting at some stage, even if it was only the New Year’s resolution you set that you didn’t keep. Successful people claim that goal setting is essential if you want to reach the top, and as Wayne Gretzky, the famous ice hockey player, said, You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

I have designed a goal setting system that is unique to Imagine Life Coaching, and not only will you design a goal that is 100% congruent with what you desire, but you will have a realistic action plan that when followed is guaranteed to get you to your goal.

Sometimes all you need is something to focus on and a route to follow, this is perfect for people who can’t get started or find that they lack motivation to keep going.
I like to coach one on one, but I do teach groups and coach couples. I am a firm but fair coach, and I encourage and inspire the best in my clients. My clients find me to be warm and personable, but stern when I need to be.


My flagship offering is called the Personal Transformation Session. This is an intense but incredibly rewarding program that will help the client identify his/her recurring patterns in order to overcome them, clear away any emotional baggage, rewrite their internal software, set effective goals, and map the way forward. The client is completely equipped to face any life situation and move forward successfully.
My flagship offering is called the Personal Transformation Session. This can be done privately or online. This is an intense but incredibly rewarding program that will help the client identify his/her recurring patterns in order to overcome them, clear away any emotional baggage, rewrite their internal software, set effective goals, and map the way forward. The client is completely equipped to face any life situation and move forward successfully.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Master Evolved Life Coach
  • Master Evolved NLP Coach and Practitioner
  • Master Evolved Hypnotherapist
  • Master Evolved Business Coach
  • Master Evolved Time Paradigm Techniques Coach
  • Master Evolved Relationship Coach
  • Licensed Stress Biofeedback Practitioner
My life started out as a miracle. I was born three months premature, and the doctors wanted my parents to name me so they had something to put on the death certificate, but thanks to a miracle they didn’t need it. I felt called from a young age to help people change their lives, but never pursued that dream. I did what most people do and that is just get a job and try to make ends meet.

I decided not to go to University as I had a strong belief that success is not dependent on tertiary education but on the inner value system. As a result of my value system I have enjoyed jobs such as managing a clothing store, national customer service manager for Samsung, award winning editor for ATTV Communications, freelance writing for companies like Heidrick and Struggles, and then running my own small but successful production company. I was successful at all I did, but it didn’t necessarily result in happiness. When I decided to become a Life Coach, and then a Master Life Coach, I found myself on the road of success AND happiness.

I understand that each of my clients is unique, and my style of coaching allows me to be exactly the kind of coach they need. Some clients need a friend, some need a push from behind. I will be the coach you need.

Fee description

Fees: from $40 USD to $50 USD

I charge £50 per session. A session usually lasts about an hour.


I am quite excited about this deal because I love to give. If you have a family member or a close friend who you know needs coaching as well then here's the deal:

£45 per session for you

£40 per session for your family member/friend.

This is limited to you plus one if you take the deal. If your entire family needs coaching then we can come to a mutually beneficial agreement.


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