lifecoach $230 USD Arzu Durukan Arzu Durukan I provide powerful coaching to women, incorporating my coaching, Shamanic and intuitive skills.
Coach Arzu Durukan
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Arzu Durukan

Certified Life and Health Coach 
Istanbul, Istanbul Ili, Turkey
I provide powerful coaching to women, incorporating my coaching, Shamanic and intuitive skills.
Success coach Empowerment coach
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About me

I help women improve their confidence and self-image to become their best version in any given area of their lives. I use coaching skills, Shamanic and intuitive skills to get to the core of the problems and transform them. Women who have confidence issues, self-worth issues, fear of failure, procrastination, stuckness, stress, not being able to step up and put themselves out there will achieve great results working with me. I help them clear the traumas to increase their confidence, self-worth, courage, faith in themselves to achieve their goals in life and to become the person they were meant to be. I help them to use powerful Law of Attraction techniques to achieve their goals in the shortest time possible.

I use powerful techniques such as EFT, Matrix Reimprinting and Parts work along with special energy transmissions and Shamanic guidance and healing. I help them re-write the unresourceful unconscious scripts so that they gradually become a new person shining brilliantly with confidence, self-worth, self-love, inner peace and happiness with a permanent change in their lives. Along with strenghtening their inner foundation, I teach them powerful techniques to achieve everything they want to achieve in their lives.

My number 1 principle is to provide the absolute best value for my clients' time, money and energy. I always get out of my way to ensure that.

I prefer working with women who are open and willing to experience positive change. If there is resistance, I expect my clients to be open to accept their resistance and collaborate with me to deal with it, taking responsibility for their own part of the work.

Coaching with me

Boost self confidence, self worth, self-esteem, self image
Overcome and heal inner fears and past trauma to "Put Yourself Out There"
Re-write your unconscious memories and change your beliefs about areas that are important to you, at a deep level
Increase your level of happiness in general
Declutter your life, remove energy sappers to create more space for fun things
My coaching and healing style is very compassionate, loving, intuitive, at the same time can be intense and challenging. I strive to offer absolute best value for my clients' time, money and energy, therefore I am ready to get out of my way in everyway possible.

My clients get best results if they are open, collaborative, receptive and trust the process.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.

I offer private sessions over Skype, Phone or Hangouts: The sessions are 60 minutes. I expect my clients to set up a private time and space with good connectivity and speaking/hearing equipment.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • The Art and Science of Coaching Certificate
  • Health Coach Training Certificate
  • Female Success Model
  • Life Principles Integration Process NLP Based Course
  • EFT Level 2 Completion
  • Shamanic Training
My passion in life is to support women in creating the life of their dreams and being the person they were meant to be, thriving in all major areas of their lives.

How Did I Start Coaching Women to be the person they were meant to be and achieve their major life goals?

On my own journey of spiritual growth, I completed a 1,5 years course based on the principles of NLP, Law of Attraction and I worked with a life coach at some point of this course. It changed my life in a big way, and I kept learning and growing continuously. There came a time when I felt the irresistable need to share all the knowledge and experience I gained throughout my own journey with others, to help them have similar transformation, breakthrough their biggest inner barriers and blossom into their best version. To this end, I completed Life Coach and Health Coach trainings to become a professional coach.

Why Do I Do What I Do?
On my own journey, I became aware of certain inner blocks both within myself and in my clients. I realized working with Law of Attraction or coaching methods alone doesn't bring the lasting results people want, because emotional obstacles and related limiting beliefs can tremendously slow down or even stop their forward movement, or clients can lapse into old habitual patterns that keep them stuck. I realized there are 2 things necessary to get the desired results in life: 1) Removing the inner emotional blocks, in other words heal the past trauma and change the unconscious programming 2) Applying the right Law of Attraction methods. I kept on learning more powerful techniques to offer Step 1 and Step 2 in a powerful way. Adding coaching skills to this process made it even more powerful.

Who Do I Work With?
My clients are women who have dreams and life goals but need support to heal and remove their confidence issues, fears, low self-esteem and self-worth issues so that they can take action to become that person. They need to believe in themselves and increase their self confidence and sense of self worth. They might struggle with fear of failure, perfectionism, unworthiness and confidence issues, difficulty in putting themselves out there.
They have a burning desire and are commited to achieve their goals, are collaborative and willing to deal with their resistance when it arises.
They are willing to dream their dreams, to allow themselves realizing their full potential and being the best they can possibly be in life.

What Do My Clients Get from Working With Me?
They get encouragement, support, guidance and inspiration. They get clarity about what's TRULY important for them, rather than wasting time in sideways. My sessions enable them clarify and overcome all the major emotional blocks that are in the way of making their dreams a reality. After removing the blocks, I support them to determine and take their next action steps, applying the powerful Law of Attraction techniques.

How Am I Different?
I am a healer in essence and have a solution-focused personality, and got a solution-focused coach training. Also I get to the core of the issues very quickly, which saves a lot of time for moving forward. My trainings in Shamanism allows me to receive information that will help clients save a lot of time by getting to the root of things, as the real issue may not be obvious to their conscious mind most of the time. I am intuitive, compassionate, and love to support, champion, and encourage my clients. And I have gone through my own difficulties, overcame them, learned tremendously on this journey. I use powerful and unique techniques that bring results very quickly. This is truly my passion and I give it my all so my clients get the absolute best value from working with me.

I am not coincidental in what I do and you are in the right place if you need this service.

Fee description

Fees: from $39 USD to $230 USD

One hour session: $39
Three Sessions package (1 hour each): $99


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Coaching with Arzu Durukan
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  • Life coaching Coaching coach, life coach,business coach, coaching, life coaching, self help, personal development Coaching with Arzu Durukan Annette | July 05, 2015
    5 Star
    Demystify the Core Emotional Blocks

    I had two sessions with my coach Arzu Durukan so far. It was wonderful! She has a very kind but at the same time very target-oriented personality which makes it easy to relax into the process. I already feel some shifts towards more confidence and inner peace. It's amazing how blocks we've carried around for ages melt away in such a short amount of time. Still, there is some more work to do. ;-)


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