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ashley reed

Relationship, Health Coach, Stylist 
Troy, Michigan, United States
My passion in life is helping you discover yours! I'm thrilled you're here. Let's get to know you...

About me

Welcome to MasterPeace Life Coaching. My primary goal is to help you become a radiant expression of happiness, wholeness and success in all areas of your life, living from the inside out with grace and grit. With softness and strength. With enthusiasm and creativity. With innocence and wisdom. With peace.

I aim to offer you provocative new ways of thinking about your mind, body & spirit. To help you re-awaken the knowledge of specific nutrition, fitness and well being that suits your lifestyle now.To guide you in seeing your life’s circumstances from the viewpoint where everything is a gift.To offer a mirror of living in the moment so all moments can teach, guide, uplift, inspire & inform you.

My passion in life is helping you discover yours! I am so thrilled your here. Lets get to know each other...


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For my private coaching sessions I like to do 12 weeks of intensive coaching. 1 session a week for 60-90min and daily journal writing. After the first months I do an evaluation to see where you are, then we begin cutting back to once every 2 weeks followed by another assessment. Each phone call we decide on your goals and then come up with plans to reach those goals.
Ongoing training

Fee description

Fees: from $75 USD to $450 USD


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