lifecoach £1490 GBP Ashley Smith Ashley Smith Discover the exact disciplines I used to overcome 15 years of Social Anxiety.
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Ashley Smith

Social Anxiety Coach 
Norwich, England, United Kingdom
Discover the exact disciplines I used to overcome 15 years of Social Anxiety.
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About me

After struggling with Social Anxiety for 15 years and not loving myself, I found a mentor to coach me through it.

Once I experienced the freedom and happiness I felt from overcoming my Social Anxiety and learning to love myself, I knew helping others with the issues I faced was what I had to do.

I'm now a trained Social Anxiety Coach and using the coaching practices as well as my own experience I coach people through the issues they face that create Social Anxiety.

- Everything you do is for a reason.
- That reason is the experience it create for you.
- The problem is the pathway you choose to create that experience.
- The answer is to find a more effective pathway.

Everything I do is fully guaranteed or you don't pay a penny and in almost all cases I'll continue to work with you until we find a solution.

Coaching with me

By the end of our coaching session, you'll have the tools you need to work through any future issues you have in life.

You'll have the solution you were looking for to your main issue.

And a solid plan for how to quickly progress in a way that is achievable and unique for you.
I coach mainly via eMail or Skype.

My style varies depending on your individual needs. I like to keep things simple with a clear explanation of what we're looking for, what's going on at a core level.

Why you're having the issue you're having and how you can find a simple way to create the experience you're looking for.

I don't tell you what to do, I provide you with the tools and guide you through using them so you can coach yourself with any issues that arise in your life in the future.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.

Coaching via Skype. There is no time limit to these calls. Instead each session is worked through as far as we can get before you have the tools you need to overcome the issues in your life, the solution you were looking for and an action to take to progress.
Coaching via eMail. There is no set limit to the amount of emails. Instead it's grouped by the session and considered complete once you have the solution, the tools you need to work through any further issues and the action you will be taking to progress.
Ongoing training
Additional support on your journey. Once you've been through the coaching process you may want additional support to answer any questions you have and speed up the process of working through your issues, as well as guidance if you've strayed off track, this support will help you get back on track quickly.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Caoching Foundations
  • Coaching Confidence
  • Coaching Success
  • Coaching Foundations
  • Coaching Confidence
  • Coaching Success
I struggled with Social Anxiety for over 15 years, it developed in High School and through my 20's I searched for an answer.

I finally found a mentor who guided me through the problem at the core and the solution. I learned how to love myself and life.

I learned how to create a life I am excited to live, to achieve my dreams, to make everything I want in life happen.

It's an on going journey, one I am always traveling on and my experiences are proving valuable in helping others achieve the life they're looking for.

It's a journey I'm excited to share and am excited to continue creating. Part of that, is making dreams of others come true and freeing people of Social Anxiety.

Fee description

Fees: from £149 GBP to £1490 GBP

For £149 we'll work together through your main issue. No time limit, set length of call or set number of emails. Once you pay, we'll get to the core of the issue and the solution you're looking for.

For £1,490 you'll get on going support for a year. While not necessary, this is the fast track way to the life you're looking for. Keeping you on track, I'm able to spot when you're a little off faster than you would yourself.


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