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Barb Resch

Lifestyle and budget coaching 
Canton, United States
Lifestyle coach specializing in budget, career, organization, time, and stress management.
Life coach Budget, time and personal organization coaching

FEES from $5 USD to $100 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

I strongly believe that it IS possible to "live the good life... for less." I specialize in finding ways to help individuals get more out of their life, regardless of their spending budget. Together we can find ways to make the most of your budget, while enjoying everything life has to offer.

Perhaps you're happy with your income level, but would like to find ways to enjoy more of the good things in life without the need to spend more.

Perhaps you'd like to discover creative new ways to add more money, happiness and peace of mind to your life.

Of course, money isn't everything. Sometimes it's the little things in life that matter the most. Stress and disorganization are absolute thieves when it comes to personal happiness.

Let me help you discover how to put the power of "less" to work in your life... spend less money, experience less stress, deal with less clutter, spend less time, and let fewer things stand between you and the peace of mind and happiness that comes with living "the good life."

Coaching with me

Goals are a very personal thing. You may have a single goal in mind... such as spending less money. Or, you might have an overall lifestyle overhaul in mind. We'll work together to discover your primary objectives and find just the right tools to make it all happen.
I like to fully understand a person's goals and objectives, so that I can coach more effectively. I also like to look at the "big picture" when it comes to helping a person achieve their goals. By fully understanding this big picture, I can help you achieve great results... one easy step at a time.


Private coaching sessions can help you develop a personalized strategy for achieving your lifestyle, budget, career, time, and stress management goals.
If you're interested in easy, quick access to online coaching sessions, worksheets, plans, checklists, and other helpful tools, my online coaching tools can help

Experience, Certifications and Training

Life is an ever-changing palette of experiences and situations. My own story of personal achievement can best be described as an experience in sheer tenacity. I believe that if you want something, you can achieve it. Of course, it's unrealistic to believe in "quick fixes" and "miracle cures." If you want something...REALLY want it... you have to focus on your goals and do everything you can to make them happen. Coaching can be one of the "power tools" in your toolbox to help you make things happen in your life.

I believe in living life in a way that embraces the concept of "living the good life." Of course, I also believe there are many ways to achieve this "good life" for a lot less money, effort, stress and time. Let me help you achieve "more" with "less."

Fee description

Fees: from $5 USD to $100 USD

If you're looking for online coaching and helpful tools to help you get more out of life for less, my online courses and tools (ranging between $5 and $50) would be perfect. Personalized coaching sessions are also available.


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