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Barbara Hankins

MSc, Business and Capability Coach 
Worcester, England, United Kingdom
Business & Motivation Coach specialising in helping people gain control of life, career and business

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About me

As a business and motivation coach, I work with small business owners as well as people working in larger organisations who are seeking to improve/enhance their productivity, capability and performance. In these days of having to do more with less many people can lose sight of their goals and control of their lives, careers and/or business performance. This impacts on their productivity, capability, motivation and leadership resulting in increased stress, employee disengagement, loss of confidence and belief and poor work/life balance.

I have 25+ years of experience as a small business owner in addition to 4+ years of corporate experience with Thorn/EMI. Supporting one SME's rapid growth, transformation and culture change culminate in a Master of Science degree and creation of a new model of motivation. An article on this research entitled 'Intrinsic Motivation: The Key Driver to an Enterprising Culture' was published in The International Journal of Professional Management (Volume 7, No.2 August 2012). A 12 month Professional Development Coaching Programme for 28 frontline staff of a Not for Profit organisation in Worcestershire in 2012/13 has resulted in a Case Study entitled 'From Stress to Success' being published in Coaching World August 2014.

Coaching with me

I can help you gain control, develop new perspectives, and make your voice heard and listened to. I can also support you in achieving increased personal and professional effectiveness, thereby improving your quality of life. You can also benefit from positive career progression if that is your desire.

As a small business owner you can gain control of your business's financial performance, visualising the process and analysing how it makes or loses money.

We will work together on your goals, process, business model (where appropriate) and on you as an individual, a business owner, or as an employee.

I am passionate about Human Development, let me help you release your potential.
I bring to the coaching experience in-depth personal knowledge and expertise in turning adversity into opportunity in mid-life ad creating and achieving an entrepreneurial career journey.

For individual coaching I always start from where you are and I use specific tools to enable assessment of where that is, including a pre-coaching questionnaire, the Wheel of Life tool and a variety of questionnaires that focus on Values and Learning Styles amongst others.

For business coaching will work with you on your goals, processes and business model (if appropriate) as well as with you as an individual, business owner or as an employee.

My preference is to work with people who are committed and motivated to do whatever it takes to achieve the level of change they wish for.


- I work with small business owners to help them visualise their business processes so that they can understand where the business makes or loses money
- I also work with new business owners to help them make the transition from employee to employer
- Coaching new first time managers in larger corporations helps them cross the bridge into a leadership role by increasing their self-confidence and in some cases change their behaviour
- I work with the owners of business start up's to help them with the trials and tribulations of setting up a new business and provide them with appropriate emotional support when required.
Online coaching sessions are offered by SKYPE and email - I work with frontline staff, first time corporate managers, corporate managers and small business owners who are interested in personal, professional and business development and have the desire to improve their productivity, capability, reflective practice and reduce workplace stress. They benefit from increased confidence, motivation and persona control, enhanced work/life balance and positive career progression.
Short courses or group coaching
I run innovative year long programmes to enhance the capabilities of front-line staff, providing individual coaching sessions to each person, providing specific tools to enable assessment of each coachee's starting point with the aim of supporting each person to achieve their individual goals. The programme includes face-to-face, SKYPE and email contact sessions held monthly.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Master of Science
  • Supporting Employee Development through Mentoring
An early career enabled me to progress from Office Junior to Common Law Clerk at a firm of City Solicitors over a period of 5 1/2 years and I eventually connected with my passion for human development through involvement in a growth programme, working in Personnel with Thorn/EMI as we grew from 250 to 1400 employees over a period of 2 years. My overall 4 1/2 years service set me on the pathway to all the positives of corporate employment: Recruitment & Selection, Retention and Training & Development. I knew when I left that I wanted to do the same kind of work in the future but as a Consultant.

From an early age, being nosy and analytical, I always questioned why public sector organisations and corporate businesses failed to take account of their actions on people, or develop all their employees. The consequences of failing to do so impacted severely on my teenage years, eventually leading me to finding my passion and formulating my desire to be a catalyst for change.

A ten year family break helped me hone many skills including Household Management, Leadership, Cash Management, Child Development and Conflict Resolution. I was unable however to return to work at the same level nor realise my dream of being a Consultant. However at the age of 40 I decided to take control of my life after being made redundant in an unethical way which made me angry. The energy from that anger enabled me to change my life in ways that I never dreamt were possible. An opportunity arose to work in Hong Kong. Being unable to speak the language severely restricted my options but undaunted I learned 'the Chinese way' of doing business and became a Project Consultant for the remaining 18 months of my stay.

On return to the UK I set up and ran two Limited Companies, one for my professional business and the other, a Property Management Company to run the building in which I owned an Apartment. My professional company was dissolved this year when I decided to trade under my own identity as a Catalyst for Change, standing on my own two feet and emerging from the umbrella of a façade but still doing what I love to do - Consulting and Coaching.

Fee description

Fees: from $125 USD to $2400 USD

Programmes of 12 sessions (or less by arrangement), range from £75 to £150 per session.


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