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Becky Lindsay

Registered Nurse, Certified Coach 
Elizabethtown, Kentucky, United States
Personal Renewal Specialist: Grief and Change Coaching, Holistic Wellness, Essential Oils

About me

You will not find a more empathetic listener or a more validating coach.

Do you ever think, "Something is wrong with me"? Every change is a separation. Do you know how to get past the fear and grief that comes with growth?

I am a Registered Nurse, since 1983 and have worked in many areas of nursing: mental health, women's services, labor and delivery, postpartum, occupational health, family practice health, health education, hospice, bereavement support.

As a Life Coach certified through the Certified Coaches Federation, I help individuals to find renewal wellness, healing and balancing through life's struggles.

I am an Essential Oils Educator and a doTERRA Independent Product Consultant. Essential Oils provide a natural avenue to both physical and emotional wellness.

My top 5 Strengths (through Gallup Strength Finders) are positivity, empathy, connectedness, a developer, and strategist! Let me help you learn what your top strengths are!

I am a lifelong learner and an educator.
I am creative and I love creating new ways to connect meaning to life and living.
I am {Essentially Renewing}
I am Becky Lindsay

Coaching with me

Grief counseling, help moving forward after a loss. Life coaching - helping people identify desires they want to move to. It's about next steps.

I like being able to help people see themselves as "normal" that what they're dealing with is normal.

I want people to find out and know they can find the strength within themselves to do the things they want to do.

I like to see as they work through and process through their feelings and the thoughts they have to deal with and make headway. I like seeing people get better.

I come with a medical background vs a social work background, so in nursing you get a little of everything - medicine, social work, psychology, so I have a broader brush.

Empathy in a huge overwhelming way I can put myself in your shoes to understand what you're going through vs trying to make you feel better. I want you to feel better from within you.


Through life coaching, wellness coaching, grief coaching, and essential oils consulting, I'll help you clear up the clouds, take control, and live your purpose.

Do you struggle with making decisions or taking action? Work with me and start moving forward.
Through telephone or online sessions, we will fine tune your purpose, get you moving, and clear the past.

You have the power within you; you are worthy!
Short courses or group coaching
Every change is a separation. Do you know how to get past the fear and grief that comes with growth?

These sessions help you identify your purpose; honor, grieve and clear the past; and move forward within a group dynamic.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Diploma Nursing Degree, St. Luke’s College, Sioux City, IA 1983
  • Certified Coach Practitioner, Certified Coaches Federation 2010
  • Advanced Coach Practicum, Life Coach Certification . Training 2014
Wellness Coordinator
Bereavement Coordinator
Bereavement Program Consultant
Educator on Change, Grief, and Loss
Inspirational Speaker

Fee description

Fees: from $20 USD to $200 USD

While it is important that you pay for coaching, it is essential that you get the help you need. My basic rate is $50 per session, but I can work on a sliding scale and offer packages that include oils, training, and group work.


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