lifecoach 40 Bella Love Mason Bella Love Mason Helped 100's of individuals in there personal romantic relationships. Awaken your relationship!
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Bella Love Mason

Loveoligist Bella Mason 
SAN JOSE, California, United States

Helped 100's of individuals in there personal romantic relationships. Awaken your relationship!

About me

Bella Mason has a twist to her Romance Coaching and that is by being an intuitive. She is capable to guide you and your partner in the direction that you feel comfortable with. She is considered a Psychic/Intuitive she was born with these intuitive gifts and uses them to guide those who are willing to make changes in their life. She coached past clients as a Life Path Coach which guided them in all parts of their life. She noticed the one thing that her clients had issues with was Romance. Almost 90% of her clients either didn't know how to be romantic, accept those who are trying to be romantic. Or felt awkward about being romantic after so many years. They really didn't know where to start.

She welcomes couples to part take in a new path! She requires that anyone interested in working on their relationships wants- To grow! To learn! To accept flaws or mistakes that occur in the relationships, either you have been in or in at the present moment. The most important part is to look within oneself!

She provides tips and ease to those concerned about discussing certain topic with partners or even close friends.
She will listen to your concerns and goals so that you can obtain a loving and passionate relationship. Romance is about creating a feeling of Love such as Flirting, Kissing, Learning how to share your feelings that will not make you feel awkward in any relationship you are in.

She is not one to create fear but allows you to feel empowered about making your choices and she always walks along side you in your new path.

Coaching with me


My goal is to get you to feeling confident about yourself to romance your partner.


The way I like to work with my clients it to work shoulder to shoulder. We walk down your path together. But you have full reigns and I am along for the ride on your path.
I allow you to feel empowered, strong, ambitious and full of drive.
I need you to believe in yourself and please make sure you are willing to change for yourself and not for others. You have to feel it in your heart, in YOUR whole being that you want to be the best person you can be for this life.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.


I love my clients and your time is valuable so I like to work over the phone and skype or video chat. This way we can build a client-coach relationship. We can meet as often as you wish. We will follow through with your progress and see what changes you feel you might need to do or things to do to maintain. Included will be an intuitive reading.


We will keep in contact more then private coaching. We will work together to achieve your goals and I will Celebrate all wins with you!

Short courses or group coaching

We would be doing exactly what we would do in a private session but I will include more exercises, activities to work on yourself and allow you to grow. To get you started on the right path!
Each client in group session will get an intuitive reading.

Ongoing training

Intuitive life path coach for over 4 years
Completed Love and Romance Certification in 2016 from Loveology University
Working with Dr Ava Cadell a world renowned
Dr in love, sex and relationship
Kendra and Hank on the TV Show Kendra on Top

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Spiritual Coach
  • Animal Communicator
  • Life Coach
  • Romance Coach
  • Intuitive Life Path Coach
  • My Own Business Owner for over 9 years
  • Psychic Readings and Mediumship for 3+ years
  • Spiritual Path Reader for 3+years
  • Knowledge and Safety with Crystals ( elixirs, vibrational sprays, essences)

I have been a natural coach. Throughout the years I have guided many people and friends. I have helped those in need for the perfect rehabilitation center for Addictions of all kinds. I have experienced lifes up and downs and have a real understanding of life.
I can honestly say I love my life! I have two beautiful children and a supportive and loving husband. I achieved this by allowing myself to be me. I voiced what I needed in my life and my husband wrapped his arms around me and has never let me go. With the support of my immediate family I have been able to achieve all the success I have been wanting and desiring.
The sky is the limit. I am a go-getter and I want my clients to feel they can be just as successful, confident, loyal, compassionate, and achieve all goals that they set out for themselves.

Fee description

Fees: from $40 to $320

I do ask that you please Cancel any appointments with me 24 hours in advance
I have a chat service that you can NOW Pay per minute you can end it at your time and what you can afford.
CHAT and PHONE Available


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