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Bev Hepting

Life Coach-NLP Master Practitioner 
Dorset, England, United Kingdom
I work to enable you to be the Star in your life.

About me

An NLP Master Practitioner. I have worked in Empowering people and communities for over 20 years. My approach is very direct and I have helped people overcome fear and barriers in their lives, supporting them to create positive change for a successful future.
I support people to re-design their lives using the 'Dreamit.Planit.Doit' programme. With a simple 3 step forumula, you really can make your dreams come true. I work with women over 50 who have spent their lives looking after family and partner. You know when you wake up and wonder what happened to your life, that you need to work with me. I can show you that life is not just one big joke played on you, and that you can rewrite the script and become the star of your own life.
I offer a free introductory session so that you can see if I am the right coach for you.

Coaching with me

Working with me will result in -

Your thinking in a more positive way
Believing in yourself and building your self confidence
Overcoming fear of change and moving you forward in small steps
Supporting your journey and giving you the tools to make it a great and positive activity
Help you become your own best friend
I am a direct coach who likes to get to the root of a problem quickly so that we can begin working on change.
I can work with a barrier or fear without you having to re-live or talk about a particular incident in detail, this creates a safe place for you to make positive change
I work to your speed (not mine)
I offer a free introductory chat to ensure that we suit each other
I use a variety of tools to support you and getting a client to reflect on their behaviour creates better results and sustainable change
I work in a friendly way, with fun and laughter to support clients
I offer online and telephone support if required
I am not a doctor and will always advise a client to seek medical help if I think it warrants it


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.

One to One coaching, including my Red Carpet day for anyone who really wants to get down to re-designing their lives within a day.
The Centre Stage online coaching is a 6 week course that helps you through the Dreamit.Planit.Doit programme.
Short courses or group coaching
I run a number of small email courses that offer tips and resources to help with particular issues.
I also run one off online coaching courses on specific topics. These are usually identified from the Stage Door Club.
Ongoing training
Anyone I have coached on a 1-1 basis is able to access my help for a further 6 months following the agreed coaching time.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • NVQ Level 7 (PHD level) working with communities to create sustainability
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • NLP Practitioner
  • Law of attraction
  • Living with your values
  • Changing negative self talk
  • Dreamit.Planit.Doit programme
I have worked with vulnerable communities for over 20 years, supporting individuals to empower their lives and have more say in how they live. During this process I have help many people make changes in their lives and helped individuals to create life plans and move into successful futures.
I have worked on my own self development for over 15 years and continue to grow and attend workshops and training that I feel with enable me to continue my journey of growth and positive change.
I have a spiritual background that allows me to focus on my intuitive and psychic talents enabling me to see beyond the initial problem and help individuals safely explore issues without having to re-live or talk about a particular issue.
I have worked with a variety of people in my working life and in my coaching career and I work in a way that is safe, fun, enjoyable and creates positive change.

Fee description

Fees: from $5 USD to $3000 USD

All courses and one to one coaching is priced according to the level of input required. Online courses are always a cheaper option than one to one coaching.


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