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Bev Knox

Ph.D., Certified Master Life Coach 
Old Saybrook, Connecticut, United States
Dr. Bev Knox specializes in Personal Development Life Coaching, Dating & Relationship Wellness.

About me

Dr. Bev Knox is the CEO/President of Bev Knox Institute of Self-Enhancement (an online personal development training center). Bev is a current college professor in the field of psychology and a certified Master Life Coach. Bev is the creator of the "Ultimate Guide to FABULOUS!" Intensive Training Course focusing on: Dating & Relationships, Personal Image, and Wellness.

Bev's new video lecture series is called "The Spiritual Person’s Guide to Success." It consists of educational video lectures by Dr. Bev Knox, to assist men and women find success through a deep spiritual connection. This is a fully intensive online course.

The textbook used is Bev’s latest book, The Mystery Element. It breaks all barriers between science, psychology, metaphysics and religion. There is indeed a mystery to fulfilling your life's purpose and living a successful life... and that mystery begins with you. Prepare to take a journey into mind expansion and evolution.

Coaching with me

I am here to assist you in reaching your full potential. To become the YOU, you were always meant to be… the real you. The you that’s been hidden for all those years.

This is NOT a mental health therapy session, so I will not sit back and play nice to uphold some formal professional code or standard. There will be no labels or judgments. Please be warned… I am NOT here to play the roll of “friend” or “mother.”

I will assist you in reaching your full potential in whatever area you choose, and that is what I am going to do. I WILL INDEED HOLD YOU ACCOUNTABLE FOR YOUR ACTIONS.

I take a no-nonsense approach to my coaching which keeps my clients coming back for more. I am told that I am full of sass and wit, and can whip the burliest bear into shape in no time.

I promise to assist you in clarifying your vision and goals. To keep you focused. To support you in your endeavors. To encourage you when you are feeling discouraged. To motivate and inspire you. I am your problem solver.

I will nudge (not nag), challenge YOU, and advise you in the right direction in fulfilling your life’s vision and purpose. I will support you, mentor you, guide you and even pat your back when earned. But I will NOT let you get away with doing anything less than putting forth your best effort. Because when you succeed, I succeed. I WILL HOLD YOU ACCOUNTABLE FOR YOUR ACTIONS OR LACK THERE OFF…

There is only one person responsible for the quality of life you live, and that person is YOU! Not your spouse, not your partner, not your baby mama, not your parents, not your children, not “the man,” not your pets, not your crazy boss, and not your imaginary friend. I want you to take full responsibility for this and OWN it.

Now, I also want you to take responsibility for taking the next step in improving the quality of the life you live. What are you waiting for? You must take action NOW! It is time for us to work together to spark your insight and plan your new life focus. We will take this journey together.

Please note, I empathize heavily on cognitive thinking and environmental influences as precursors for determining future outcomes… personal appearance and how we feel about ourselves play a key role in our attitudes in general, and how others view and treat us. The foundation of our conversations will be routed deep in this concept.
Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. You’ve tried it all, and it didn’t work. Now its time to try something NEW! It’s time to have a Conversation with Bev.

Coaching scheduling can be flexible based on client’s need. You may also book your standard weekly sessions in advance. Coaching services are available: Fact-to-Face in-person sessions (2 hour minimum); Skype/Facetime; phone chat; or 100% online. To schedule your session, register for instant access.


Coaching scheduling can be flexible based on client’s need. You may also book your standard weekly sessions in advance. Coaching services are available: Fact-to-Face in-person sessions (2 hour minimum); Skype/Facetime; phone chat; or 100% online.
Coaching can take the form of 100% online access.
Short courses or group coaching
As long as you are an Active Student of Bev Knox Institute, you have unlimited continued viewing access to already purchased Video Class Lectures. This includes all Boot Camps, and our Guide to Fabulous Lectures Packages.
Ongoing training
All coaching and classes are ongoing based on your need and choice of programs.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Ph.D. in Psychology
  • M.S. in Human Services
  • Certified Master Life Coach
Dr. Bev Knox is the founder and CEO/President of Bev Knox Institute of Self-Enhancement, a personal development training center that offers online classes and personal life coaching. Bev is formally educated and holds degrees in Psychology and Human Service Administration. She is a businesswoman, author, educator, college professor of the year 2017, certified master life coach, and entrepreneur.

For over 25 years, Bev has conducted correlation research on human behavior and motivation. Her proven formula for success and human interactions especially in the areas of dating relationships are demonstrated in her vast body of professional endeavors. Her awards include: Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition by Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro; Official Citation given by the Office of the State Comptroller in CT; University Presidential Recognition for Teaching Excellence; and Small Business Award Recognition.

Bev has developed an array of personal development education programs for both men and women to foster a positive mindset, and focused live vision through inspired motivation. Various teaching platforms are used to include fully online classes, live lectures, video lectures, books, CDs, conferences, and the like. Bev is the author of The Mystery Element and Unleashing the Well-Balanced DIVA in YOU! Her seminars and life changing retreats reflect that of her teachings from her books. Bev is a Personal Development Expert who lectures and coaches clients from around the world on achieving their full potential using personal development strategies.

Bev has also been a featured guest on numerous television and radio shows. She has hosted events, benefits, and other special programming. Her upbeat attitude comes from her empowered sense of self by serving and encouraging others.

Fee description

Fees: from $50 USD to $2500 USD


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