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Brad Stevenson

Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States
I provide greater personal empowerment, passion and purpose, authentic happiness and living!

About me

I support, mentor, coach and transform individuals, and couples as a Personal Development Specialist. I provide greater personal empowerment, passion and purpose, authentic happiness and living, I help you reduce levels of stress, anxiety and fear, reduce/eliminate negative thinking, improve communication with partner, family, friends, & greater clarity of mind. You no longer need to live with your pain, fear and isolation! "When the Pain of where you are in life becomes greater than the Fear that is keeping you there, that's when real change begins!" I look forward to speaking with you.

When the Pain of where you are right now becomes greater than the Fear that is keeping you there, That's when your ready for change!

There are certain principles that when unleashed from our consciousness create a trans-formative experience in businesses as well as in our personal lives. These principles are Trustworthiness, Honesty, Appreciation, Neutrality, Kindness, and Surrender (THANKS®). In and of themselves these principles are neutral, not unlike gravity. It is how we use them (positively or negatively) that will determine our experiences.

Each session (1hour) we utilize the principles and the assignment and integrate each into your daily life. You will receive and THANKS manual filled with reading on each principle, tools and assignment that you will have as a guide for the rest of your life.


I support my clients, whether that is to become fully aware of unique gifts, passions, and purpose; to improve relationships and self; and to reduce stress, anxiety, or depression in order to live a more intentional, peaceful, and authentic life. I believe that happiness is intimately connected to the quality of relationships in our lives (first with self, then at home, community, and the workplace). Mindfulness and self-awareness are a large part of my practice. I incorporate a full-range of educational materials and tools to empower and inform clients.

I utilize tools and methods to help individuals recognize and heal core negative beliefs about themselves that are often the cause of unwanted repetitive life patterns and problems. I co-write and develop multi-media mindful-based educational programming for individuals and groups
Short courses or group coaching
14 Week Mindful Based Power of THANKS Program

This 14 week program, co-facilitated by Rhonda Rae Smith and Brad Stevenson, helps group members learn what core beliefs and expectations, habits of thinking, etc. keep them from the life and relationships they desire. We consider the nature of transformation including what and how to change. The program includes relevant information about brain development, neuroscience, family systems, and mindful practice in a format for every learning style. We use audio, video, and workbooks and include exercises and tools that empower members toward self- and other- awareness and to create healthy habits for life.

Mythic Men® was created for men whose pursuits have left them feeling isolated…with contention & emptiness in their marriage or failed relationships…children often out of control…boredom at work…no true friendships or support. These men have often reached the pinnacle of society’s definition of manhood—career prowess, patriotism, financial success—only to find themselves empty, disappointed, isolated. Mythic Men® are heroic men—modern day knights—who decide the standard path is not enough, who are willing & committed to seek powerful answers & truth…what it means to boldly ‘show up’ for themselves, their family, profession, & community.

Women's Personal Insight Development Group
This group features a Mindfulness-Based program that will help you develop greater insight and self-awareness in order to create a life of contentment, intention, and authenticity. With a focus on relationships and health, you will learn how to have a better relationship with first yourself, then with spouse or partner, at home, community, and in the workplace

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Ongoing training
Extended THANKS Training available

Fee description

Fees: from $40 USD to $100 USD

$40.00 per group session

$100.00 per individual session

reduced fees available (please ask for information regarding reduced fee program)


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