lifecoach $100 USD Brenda Keough Brenda Keough I am a poet, writer, Counsellor, Life Coach and I have always had a passion for helping others......
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Brenda Keough

Counselling & Life Coaching 
Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
I am a poet, writer, Counsellor, Life Coach and I have always had a passion for helping others......
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FEES from $75 USD to $100 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

Hello angels, It is a passion of mine as well as a gift to relate to people and boost morale. My vision is that my clients become a better version of themselves, learning to cope with life's challenges in healthy ways. I believe that open communication will strengthen families and relationships. I aim to prevent detrimental issues such as eating disorders, suicide, and addiction. I believe that self-reflection & goal-setting are healthy places to start.
I have a vast library of training and learning. As a client you will have access to training on Self-Confidence, Motivation, Goal setting and various mind-life maps to help you better understand your thinking-feeling and mind processes.

     I have various resources at my disposal, such as life maps and goal-setting materials that will be applied accordingly and tailored to meet each individual's needs. I am acutely aware that a style that works for one client may not work for the next.
I also use BRAIN ENTRAINMENT-FREQUENCY MUSIC. I record music specific to a client's problems emotional-physical. This music when used over time, helps eliminate anxiety, depression, as well it rebuilds neural pathways in the brain....helping repair the brain.

Coaching with me

The results you will achieve through coaching

Reprogram your brain with frequency music. A daily ritual of learning to eliminate fear, rebuilding your internal dictionary.

You will have access to "confidence courses, & motivational courses." as well as mind maps, assignments between sessions and articles to help you understand yourself and your problems better.

You will be able to eliminate fear, procrastination, and set goals that will help keep you on track.

Brain training programs will be part of the Counselling package.
Hello Angels,

I am a no-nonsense Coach, meaning...I am here to EMPOWER YOU to see the past with a new perspective and wisdom.

.I have great faith in human beings, knowing that once they understand and access their beautiful minds.....and see how all the gears of the mind works...and how you can get your mind to work for you...not against you. ..You'll learn to turn FEAR into FUEL

I started a B.R.A.I.N. program which has clients creating a new daily ritual of taking care of YOU, your MIND, BODY, SPIRIT... first thing when you awake in the morning. 2 x per day....morning and evening...

Ask yourself, "When was the last time you sat still and asked yourself how you were doing? Do you check in with yourself? And do you give yourself some personal "TLC?" Not many do....are you ready for some enlightenment?

I have been helping clients see a whole new spin on "Counselling and Life Coaching." SKILLS FOR PILLS. Knowing the path I had an accident in 1985-a broken rib and it was misdiagnosed as "rhomboid muscle strain." From that misdiagnosis, my world would forever life would never be the same as I was led down a road I called "medical madness." And this road of lost dreams, further injuries, lost hope, while I fought for medical care to have a broken rib removed.

Suffice to say, I walked a long road of medical abuse which cost me dearly. My life, children, careers, would be taken away, and I was condemned to a life of being labeled and prostituted through our medical system, left fighting with a corrupt Workers Compensation System that gave no thought to injured workers, except to make their lives hell.

It was from this life that I grew, despite the isolation and pain, I learned, trained and rebuilt my life....a slow process of learning how to live with pain 24/7 and deal with a maimed and broken body and mind.....

I don't consider us VICTIMS, but VICTIMS OF CIRCUMSTANCES...and those circumstances can and do change...

All that changed when I started self-development. Listening to the greatest motivational speakers, listening with an open heart, to see the destruction and chaos in a new light, and I came back stronger than before...

I can say that the journey through medical madness taught me to look at how we are treated by doctors, how we are labeled and to look WITHIN and learned to think about how I think...and there was where I grew in strength, despite my circumstances...

I know first hand what a disability, pain, destruction, and isolation can do to a person, and I never though I'd breath this beautiful life for this long....I got to recreate my world from the inside out....pain is a constant in my world, but I now have the tools and strategies to not let it make me a prisoner, I get to choose my state.of mind and I get to choose my life, my fate, and destiny.....

God gave me the name Giggles the Poet in 1985 and made me a poet and that is how I grew. And for every loss I incurred, he spoke a beautiful poem that helped me develop a new perspective...taught me how to forgive and taught me how to see through eyes of compassion, with a different perspective...outside of the labels....

Walk with FAITH


As I hope it becomes yours.

I take you from the past, into the present, showing you a whole new perspective on how to look at life, and how to look at yourself. Understand your emotions and how it affects your internal world, and the external world....

You'll see how to work with your beautiful brain, rebuilding the neurons in your mind, I'll show you how to turn off anxiety in 90 seconds....and you'll learn how to retrain and reprogram your mind and internal dictionary.

I teach you "HOW TO GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY." With the same tools that I used when I got lost on my life a client, you'll have access to an unlimited amount of resources, training, and self-growth, and you'll learn the process of positive reframing.

My passion is sharing many tools and resources into a plan of action that gets you inspired from day one....and we build on that momentum.... clients understand how they create their environment, and how to GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY....

I have my clients do some assessments, and then I put together a package of information....or learning new perspectives

God bless you all on your life journey:)



Sessions will be held face-to-face. I believe this to be the most effective method of coaching to ensure the maximum impact is achieved for each 45 minute session. After all, observing body language and building rapport through face-to-face communication is tantamount to more intuitively understanding each person and their needs at the most intimate and appropriate level. If this approach is a concern, please let me know up front so we can discuss it.
I coach clients via Skype/Facebook whichever is easiest for the client. As a client, you will have fun as you rebuild your internal dictionary, eliminating limiting beliefs and fear that may be holding you back....
Short courses or group coaching
I have an extensive library of self-development and training that will be a part of your sessions. Sometimes I may charge a fee on a program that is outside our work, but necessary for your growth.
Ongoing training
As a client you will have access to training, and other resources. I have an extensive library of self-development and training that will be a part of your sessions. Sometimes I may charge a fee on a program that is outside our work, but necessary for your growth.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Diploma with "honors" from International Career School of Counselling
  • EFT, Tapping,
  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness
I volunteer at Canadian Education Services, as Manager/Counsellor of Outreach Services assisting new immigrants with career and personal growth exploration.

As well as advocating for injured workers, counseling and advising clients on dealing with the stress and financial hardships

I have grown from destruction and found a way out of pain, depression, anxiety and a world that caused many losses. I understand all the excuses we use to not get ahead, and I eliminated the fear that was holding me back.

Through brain training, I have been able to eliminate depression, fear and learned to empower myself in ways I never thought possible. I teach SKILLS FOR PILLS, and through brain training, you will be able to eliminate many emotional and physical ailments.

Fee description

Fees: from $75 USD to $100 USD

My fees are based on the client's circumstances. Payments can be worked out. It's not about the money, it's about having a client that is 100% comitted to the program and to change.


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