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Brinda Sharma

Certified Life and Executive Coach 
New Delhi, South Delhi, Union Territory of Delhi, India
Experienced Life Coach | Areas of focus - Personal success|Self-love|Happiness

About me

Me - in short

Wears - An attitude of gratitude
Likes -Badminton, Reading, Moments of reflection
Joys - Nature, Travel and Good Food
Key Strengths - Perspective, Empathy, Hope
Chink in the armour - Being Lazy


Why a Coach?

In being a Life Coach, I find fulfilment in bringing transformative and life changing mind shifts in my clients through a result oriented approach that can lead them to realising their true happiness and potential.


The Backstory

An overall work experience of two decades with an industry experience in IT and Project Management spanning 12 years. Even as I exited the corporate world a few years back, a strong background of planning, execution and strategy became instrumental in my journey as an entrepreneur. With humble beginnings as a home baker to setting up two cloud kitchens in a span of a few years the ride has been nothing short of an enriching rollercoaster. Being a business owner taught me the ropes of a new industry, appreciating the value of consistency in action and accepting challenges as the norm and not the exception.

On the personal front, I view both the high’s and low’s as having contributed to the person I am today – a person I really like. ? As someone who repeatedly chose not to fall to the pressures of societal norms and expectations, I faced ample resistance within and without. Personal happiness and fulfilment are not subject to specific set of circumstances and it gives me a lot of joy to have successfully built a life that is free of external compulsions and allows me room to follow my calling. My present life and lifestyle naturally is a result of gradual evolution over the past decade coming from a place of heavy reflection, heightened awareness(of who I am) through mindfulness and conscious incremental change.

Most people perceive being alone a strong precursor to loneliness, anxiety and increased insecurities. But I like to counter that thought process with the conviction that comes from intense personal experience – only by being alone will you get the opportunity to know and embrace yourself completely. Furthermore, finding comfort and joy within yourself is what removes false compulsions of what’s expected of you – instead it opens up the path of clarity and provides the confidence and freedom to choose what’s important for you as an individual. Key life decisions relating to career choices, relationships and personal well-being become crystal clear as one experiences alignment in spirit, thought and action.


Benefits from my journey that I want to share as a life coach


  • A significant drop in the level of anxieties and insecurities arising from the fear of unknown.

  •  Learning to enjoy my own company. 

  • Being kinder to myself and therefore to others around me.

  • Creating deeper and more meaningful connections/friendships

  • Having more forgiveness and acceptance towards circumstances and people.

  • Sharpened focus from learning to be present in the moment 

  • Removing timeframes and conditions on happiness, seizing the moment. 

  • Significant reduction in negative self-talk that hampered confidence and self-worth. 

The following quote by renowned psychologist Carl Jung beautifully underlines the importance of manifesting your ideal world through heightened self-awareness and deliberate action.

Until you make the unconscious conscious you will let it drive your life and call it fate.


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