lifecoach $500 USD C. Michelle Gonzalez C. Michelle Gonzalez I am an Intuitive Guide and Coach. I work through energy, years of research and personal trials.
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C. Michelle Gonzalez

Body, Mind & Soul Vibe Guide 
Rio Grande City, Texas, United States

I am an Intuitive Guide and Coach. I work through energy, years of research and personal trials.

About me

As a Body, Mind & Soul Vibe Guide, I help to guide victims of abuse & sensitive souls to a true sense of Freedom & Power through a range of services designed to balance the Body, Mind & Soul. Clients learn to heal through the pain, raise their level of self-awareness & self- love, take back their power & freedom and rise above the ashes of victim-hood to fly free as the Victor of their own life!

From an early age, I have survived a childhood of physical, emotional and sexual abuse. For as long as I can remember, I've felt unwanted, unloved, like a burden to be dealt with and very much like a sex doll for men's pleasures. Nature was my recluse from all of the abuse. Nature wanted me, loved me and accepted me just the way I was and when I wasn't outside chasing rainbows, making mud pies and friends with the insects, I was alone in my room writing. I was what is now known as a Crystal Empath and Introvert and no one understood me. I was always teased for being "too sensitive."

As as adult, it took my first husband taking everything from me, including our children, for me to get angry enough to rise above the status of Victim-hood to become the Victor, the Heroine of my own story! I learned to appreciate my sensitivities and to turn my introvert nature back onto myself, to look deep within, heal all that had been broken and rise above!

Today, I've packaged my wisdom from experience into a unique list of services that will help you heal through the pain, raise your own level of Self-Awareness & Self-Love, take back your Power & Freedom, to become the Phoenix that arose from the ashes of Victim-Hood to fly forever free as the Victor!

In addition, I am still very much attached and connected to our Natural world. I give back to the Earth, who has given so much to me, by donating half of all The Naked Path's proceeds to select charities that support the purity, protection and sustainability of our Natural world.


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Private and confidential one on one coaching tailored to your needs. These sessions can be done in person, over the phone, email, or via video chat sessions.


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Fee description

Fees: from $60 USD to $500 USD

Private coaching sessions with Michelle are $60/hr per person. Coaching packages- $500/month

Or you can opt for one of our online courses and pay a one time fee for the course of $160 and work at your own pace.


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