lifecoach $500 USD Cady Macon Cady Macon If complacency upsets you viscerally, let's talk. We're likely a good match.
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Cady Macon

CTI Certification expected 10/15 
St. Louis, Missouri, United States
If complacency upsets you viscerally, let's talk. We're likely a good match.

About me

"Cady has the uncanny ability for knowing what you really want to achieve – even if you are afraid to let yourself admit it."

As another says, "You see into people."

No one thing I bring to the table is particularly unique. But the combination is. Here are my hallmark traits:

- Perception: I don't miss much.
- Candor: Razor-sharp BS-o-meter
- IQ: If you have a fast mind... I do too. I keep up.
- Challenge: I have a good read on what will stretch you as a person. My coaching is centered around empowerment, so I know when to step on the gas (and when to ease off).
- Championing: Few people give as many shits as I do. :)

Coaching with me

My coaching is centered around clarity and empowerment.

(1) Clarify your objectives.
(2) Empower you to get there.


My coaching typically falls into one of three categories:

(1) Build the vision for what you want to accomplish
(2) Process the emotions, fears, + limiting beliefs standing between you and that vision
(3) Challenge: I'll ask you to do things outside your comfort zone to make this vision a reality.


1:1 phone coaching, includes:

✓ Life Purpose statement

✓ Personalized challenges catered to your individual needs

✓ Identification of five governing / core values

✓ Identification of limiting saboteurs

✓ Guided visualizations

✓ Unlimited email access

Experience, Certifications and Training

In my past life in advertising, I was chosen to be the Reverse Mentor to the office president. He is now CEO.

Fee description

Fees: from $300 USD to $500 USD

My rates are monthly. Unlike most coaches, I won't lock you into a multi-month commitment. It's completely arbitrary. If you're doing a good job, you're getting re-hired.

My coaching is centered around empowerment, and it shows up in my pricing structure. I want you to actively choose to re-hire me every month we work together. You are free to leave at any time. (I have a hunch you'll stick around).


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