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Cameron Fen

Helping People with Happiness 
Boston, Massachusetts, United States
I help people deal with stress, anxiety, or anything that gets in the way. Pay what you want/can.

About me

I work as an actuary but I really like helping people through whatever they are experiencing. I've gone through a lot of trying times, both psychologically and physically and I think I want to help other people going through similar experiences. Because I'm not really experienced in Life Coaching and just trying this out, you really don't have to pay me anything.

Coaching with me

I want to try to help my clients be happier and lead less stress free lives. I want to be able to help my clients overcome any obstacle that is getting in the way of this goal. I became significantly happier when I realized two things. I was going to stop living the way other people wanted me to live and also that living for the sake of others helped give my life meaning. These two realizations are almost contradictory, but I think the trick with life is to achieve a balance between two opposite desires.
There are three ways to change oneself, either by changing your thoughts, like through cognitive behavioural therapy, by changing your feelings, like many types of traditional therapy, or by changing your actions, which is relatively self explanatory. I like to tackle all three components, but focusing on the component that is the client's strength.

For example, in order to help a client who is dealing with a lot of stress at work, one of the first things I would consider is if the job was a good fit. Looking for a new job is a change in action. But so is a smaller thing like trying to actively spend more (or less) time socializing with coworkers.

At the same time, thoughts like worrying too much about the stress is unhelpful, and I feel like sometimes it is good to think about the worst case scenario, because very often in stress it is the uncertainty that is the worst part of the emotion. Once even if the worse case scenario happens, its almost a relief because there is no uncertainty anymore and it is something one can deal with. In this case at worse you would lose your job. Over time you would probably find a new job and considering what you learned about how you handle stress, you would be more likely to find a job that is a better fit.

I think when one is worrying it is important to keep in mind the things that one is grateful for: You live in a country with great opportunities. You have a roof over your head and food to eat. You have friends and family that will help you in times of crisis. You have the money to hire a life coach to help you with the stress. The fact that you are dealing with stress in your life is only one aspect of your life, but you have to be grateful for the parts that are going well. Feeling grateful is important to counteract the negative feelings of stress


We can talk about and go over anything you need. Let me know. I feel like as a person I am better at dealing with emotional issues. I'm sure there are a lot of people who are better at career and other forms of coaching than me, however I'd like to think I know a good deal about how to be happy.

Experience, Certifications and Training

I am quite young, and when I was still in college I got very depressed. I bounced around from school to school and never quite finished my degree. I even entered the hospital a few times. At the time I read every psychology book and even some books on eastern psychology (Buddhism) in order to understand how to be happy. When people say happiness isn't something that can be learned people are misunderstanding. You can learn methods to "trick" your more baser parts of your brain that are responsible for emotion to be happier. For example, people that smile even though they aren't happy report being something like 20% more happier than people that frown and sulk (psychologists did a study where they asked contestants to hold a pencil either between their teeth (frowning) or between their teeth (smiling) and rate their happiness). Given what I learned, this was how I decided I would give back to others.

Fee description

Fees: to $150 USD

Pay whatever you want to pay!


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