lifecoach $160 USD Camille Eade Camille Eade Dedicated to helping people and families cope with sex addiction and to lead fulfilling lives.
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Camille Eade

Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
Dedicated to helping people and families cope with sex addiction and to lead fulfilling lives.
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FEES from $30 USD to $160 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

I am a partner of a sex addict and know first hand how this issue effects marriages, families and people as individuals. After learning of my husband's addiction I knew I wanted to help others cope and deal with this problem. I have received specialized training in addictions and also training on how it affects partners and families. I am a member of the APSATS organization and also the SASH organization. The training I have received is up to date and based on science and research.

Coaching with me

How to stop acting out and making better and healthier choices.
Get better relationships and marriages.
Get out of isolation and learn to deal with emotions effectively.
To learn to cope with trauma caused by sex addiction.
To help partners through the discovery of their spouses sex addiction.
How to live a healthy and fulfilling life.
How to take care of yourself mentally and physically.
How to set boundaries and to live within your values.
How to teach your children about sex.
How to reach your goals and dreams.
How to live authentically and stop leading a double life.
How to let go of shame and improve self esteem.
I like to coach in a friendly non judgemental way. I empower you to find the best options for yourself, to set goals for you and your family and then achieve them. I motivate you to want to be better and to have a healthier life and support you in getting that.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.

Private coaching for sex addicts, their partners, couples and teens over the phone. $100.00 per week and includes an hour telephone coaching call as well as a support call mid week.
Private coaching for sex addicts, their partners, couples and teens through email. $60.00 per month and includes email coaching per week and also support emails.
Short courses or group coaching
Partners of sex addicts support group coaching through conferencing. One hour per week $30.00 per month.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Certified Personal Coach
  • Certified Addictions Coach
  • Certified Relationship Coach
  • Depression Training
  • Anxiety Training
  • Emotional Intelligence Training
  • Partner Trauma Coach for Partners of Sex Addicts Training

Fee description

Fees: from $30 USD to $160 USD

$30.00 per month to $160.00 per week.


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