lifecoach $1200 USD Candace Silvers Candace Silvers Candace Silvers is a Human Behavioral Expert, specializing the causation of behavior.
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Candace Silvers

Toluca lake, United States
Candace Silvers is a Human Behavioral Expert, specializing the causation of behavior.
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About me

For 25 years, Candace has worked with clients across every aspect of business and through many areas of personal. You create your own world. Is it as successful as you imagined? Candace uses her deep insight into the causation of unconscious behavioral patters to find where you are keeping yourself from success. Once these behaviors are pinpointed, Candace works with clients to cause a shift. The root of the behavioral response is altered, and so is the outcome. Come find your success today.


Candace works one on one with you. Deeply and throughly working through the mathematical equations that cause human behavior, and altering where unconscious behavioral responses are "out of order".
Candace offers her one on one sessions via Skype for those who are not local to the LA area.
Short courses or group coaching
Candace offers three separate Human Behavioral courses. Each meet once a week for 12 weeks. Using real world examples and having a specific focus, each course provides a very unique insight into the equations of behavior that cause success on every level.

Fee description

Fees: from $100 USD to $1200 USD

Each service has a unique fee structure. Please call our office at 818-781-8345 to find out more about a specific service.


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