lifecoach $150 USD Canisha Bryant Canisha Bryant An expert at getting you unstuck. With our ready, aim & fire method,we get you to YOUr phenomenal.
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Canisha Bryant

ICF Certified Life Coach 
Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
An expert at getting you unstuck. With our ready, aim & fire method,we get you to YOUr phenomenal.

About me

A certified coach with a specialty in emotional intelligence, sought after speaker, published author and active member of the Women Speakers Associations. An entrepreneur and business owner since 1991, she has consistently been at the top of her game in sales in several industries including real estate, insurance, communication and the beauty industry as a owner/stylist.

Throughout her life she has truly been every woman, from food stamps to fortune 500, from victim to victor, from the bottom of the bottom to the top of the sales force which gives her a unique ability to relate to people from all walks of life.

She prides herself on being professional and fun, entertaining and informative as well as supportive and accountable. Her natural nature is happy, she loves to laugh, is knowledgeable but really down to earth. In short, she is a real woman who has pushed past her own struggles to now walk in her as a phenomenal woman. Her coaching practice is all about assisting others to do the same. With her life she proves that it is possible while her life's work provides a road map for others to follow.

Her coaching is live, via phone or video conferencing and is always a judgement free environment. It is geared towards one goal, her helping as many people as she can find their phenomenal self. Extremely passionate about her work of being a support system for those who are truly ready to move forward, she gives over and above and makes herself available to both clients and non-clients outside of the normal coaching session. From mentoring, Facebook groups, podcast, blog post and so forth, she is devoted to the success of others with one condition, they have to want it. Her tough love but nurturing approach provide the perfect balance of support and accountability that get results.

Her primary focus is women however, she does have as clients and welcome males and youths. A very special place is held in her heart for children. Being a mother and a home school educator, early on she began coaching youth by providing personal development to children. Her series of I am Afraid books deals with issues that affect and create barriers and is part of only a handful of personal development tools for children. She calls her approach "EDU-TAINMENT" because she educates while she entertains with her poetic flow derived from background as a poet. It has been been proven beneficial to many and has all 5 star reviews on Amazon.

Today, she divides her time and efforts between coaching groups, corporate and one on one clients, writing books, articles and is an active blogger with speaking at women, social and corporate events. Canisha uses any and every vehicle to help women to push past anything that pains them to become the most exceptional version of themselves. Reach out to her with any questions you may have or for an opportunity for a complimentary session.


Coaching with me

What we provide…

Pushing Past Coaching is result driven. Our purpose is to get you what you want. We provide a caring, judge free environment that will support you in obtaining a more fulfilling life, regardless of what that looks like for you.
We offer opportunities for lasting sisterly bonds and friendships that could serve as a positive environment for support and growth.
We support you in your journey of discovering how phenomenal you truly are. As great as you may be now, if we were to pull back your layers, we would see that it’s so much more to you below the surface. We help you to find and expose your greatness.

Our program is not for everyone…

We are looking for those who are truly ready to put in the work to get the result that they want. We want those who are at a place where they are indeed ready to push past negativity, self-doubt, pain, the past, self-created barriers, self-imposed prisons, all excuses and any and everything that has blocked, stalled or out right out stopped them from living out loud as the phenomenal woman they are. We will provide support from the begining all the way to the finsh line and beyond.
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1. We first find out what you really want.
2. We then discover what may or may not be stopping you.
3. Then we use our unique READY - AIM - FIRE approach to success…

(READY) We help you to help yourself to discover what you really want.

(AIM) Together we create actions steps that will insure that you accomplish your desired goals.

(FIRE) You do the work, we provide support and accountability until you accomplish you desired goal & beyond

4. We enjoy the success of you reaching your goal & am still supporting you.
5. We start back at 1 on the next goal

"Coaching is my passion because I truly get it. I was them. I was stuck, but wanted more and my coach helped support me. It is such an honor to now give someone else that gift. In doing so, I will be as gentle or as firm as they need me to be but we will get it done if they are willing to do the work. I am in it for the long haul. I am invested in the success of my client because when they win, I win. The success of my client is my ultimate goal." CANISHA BRYANT   more ...


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.

Depending on the package, we will meet up for one hour 2 to 4 times a month with 15 min. check in calls and unlimted emails as needed.

Pushing Past Coaching is designed to be a supportive environment for women who are ready to present to the world the phenomenal woman they are inside.It is for women who want more but for whatever reason have lived an underwhelming life according to their own standards. It is not about proving anything to anyone else but you. This is not to say that you have not been successful in your own right but, if you have ever felt as if something is missing or it has to be more...


Have you ever felt like you were supposed to be more, do more or have more or maybe you were supposed to be different and do or have something different than what you currently have. You know that it is greatness residing within you but you have yet to live up to your fullest potential. Maybe you haven’t lived a life that has shown “ALL” of what you have to offer or maybe you know what you want but because of life or the obligations associated with it, or the unknown, you haven’t put YOU into YOUR life equation.

If any of this resonates with you, then you are at the right place!


“To serve those who are ready & willing to push past to phenomenal.”

If you are content with mediocrity or not ready to move forward, we may not be for you. But, If you are a woman who is ready to live a full, BOLD and vibrant life, you are at the right place. If you want to be, do and have more and you want a supportive non-judgmental, support system who will push you beyond what you could ever imagine, one who will hold you accountable, provide you with valuable resources, networking and connecting opportunities and provide love and nurturing all the way to your success and beyond, YOU"RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!
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Experience, Certifications and Training

  • ICF
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Certified Coaching
-Putting YOU back in YOUr life equation
-Devloping your emotional intelligence
-Finding happiness and joy
-Discovering YOUr purpose
-Finding your passion from what used to pained you
-Bounding back
-Pushing past adversity
-Specialized coaching and consulting available in the following areas;
Life and Health Insurance
Real Estate Brokerage
Platform Demonstration Hairstylist
Hair Stylist
Small Business Owner (start up & work life balance)
Work-at- Home
Career Transisiton

Fee description

Fees: from $50 USD to $150 USD

The fee structure is based on the number of session per week and a discount is given based on the package purchased.


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  • Life coaching Coaching coach, life coach,business coach, coaching, life coaching, self help, personal development One Hour Session christina bonnett from United states | July 12, 2015
    5 Star
    Wonderful and Inspiring Coach

    I have the privilege to know Canisha for a few months now. She is a coach who will not hold back and ask the type of questions that will get your life in focus. I can tell she cares because when I speak to her the first thing she does is ask if I'm alright and how everything is going. She is motivational and inspiring. The pleasure of working with her has enabled me to gain clarity and focus. I know have the confidence I need to move forward with my life. This is something I never thought I would be able to do.

    Christina B.


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