lifecoach $400 USD Carlotta Bruce Carlotta Bruce I have 7 years of experience in intense in-home interaction with individuals and families.
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Carlotta Bruce

Individual and Family Expert 
Jacksonville, Florida, United States
I have 7 years of experience in intense in-home interaction with individuals and families.
Life coach Motivational coach

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About me

My 7 years of background in child welfare has allowed me to have a unique experience in empowering, motivating and encouraging my clients.

I have a unique program that can be personalized for each client that helps them to get R.E.A.D.Y. to meet their lives and goals. I truly believe that my clients will be ready to step up. My motto is...Ready for Change? #itsyourturn!

Coaching with me

My motto is...Ready for Change? #itsyourturn!

My goal is to connect with my clients, develop and provide direction for them to make the changes that allow them to feel like a success.
My personality and coaching style is nonconfrontational and nonjudgemental. I enjoy connecting with my clients and learning who they are and how they operate. I am transparent, observant and able to meet my clients whereever they are in life, not matter what their background or status.


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1 month (4 - 30 min weekly sessions)
1 month intensive (4 - 60 min weekly sessions)
1 month (equivalent of 4 -30 min weekly sessions)
1 month intensive (equivalent of 4 -60 min weekly sessions)

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Bachelor's of Social Work, BSW
  • Child Welfare Certification (FL and GA)
I have 7 years of experience in the child welfare field. I have worked with foster children and assiting parents in regaioning custody of their children. I have worked with parents providing in-home services to parents and families. I have also investigated allegations of child abuse and neglect. Throughout my career I have been able to connect with my clients and provide motivation and direct them in achieving their goals to improve their lives and ultimately the lives of their families.

Personally, I am married with two children ages 2 and 10. I am the oldest of three siblings and the first one in my family to obtaina Bachelor's degree. My family was not rich financially, but we were close and went through some changes over the years. My parents divorced when I was 16 and I watched and helped my mother support 3 children on her own. I have experienced abuse personally and was able to successfully address self-esteem and self-worth issues as a became older.Throughout my personal experiences. I continue to have a positive outlook in life and feel that my best is yet to come!

Fee description

Fees: from $50 USD to $400 USD

Packages are structured on a monthly basis. Additonal hourly rates are negotiable.


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