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carly sokhela

M.Sc. Positive Psychology and Coach 
cork , Ireland

I am a qualified Coaching Psychologist and Counselling Therapist. 

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About me

I have been working in the Helping Profession since 2008. In 2013 I obtained my (B.A.) Psychology degree (Health Sciences and Social Services) and a Certificate in Lay Counselling, I then worked as a Therapist specialising in Trauma, Anxiety and Depression. In 2016 I obtained my Honours degree in Counselling Psychology, At this stage I personally felt that there was something missing in my whole profession which was a skill to support my clients in creating their own success at work and in life rather than me giving them advice and assume that I am the 'expert' in what my clients needs to do in life, Hence that I decided to do my Masters degree in Positive Psychology and Coaching, So, I specialize in helping people discover their life purpose, identify and achieve their personal goals by coping with the issues that are causing them distress, anxiety, and stress. As a qualified Coaching psychologist my job is to  give you  professional support in building a happier, satisfying and more successful life which would be of value to you.I take great pride in the progress and success of my clients and look forward to helping you.Please get in touch to learn more



This service is designed for people who want to promote their mental and emotional health by finding different paths or strategies through counselling which will support and build a happier and more successful or satisfying life of their dream.

We offer counselling services on the following:

Managing stress

ï‚· Overcoming depression

ï‚· Dealing with anxiety and worry

ï‚· Coping with grief, loss & bereavement

ï‚· Overcoming low self esteem

ï‚· Managing conflict

ï‚· Overcoming low self confidence

ï‚· Coping with trauma

ï‚· Anger management

ï‚· Finding Purpose and life meaning


Series of 4 counselling or coaching sessions (special 50% off)

Short courses or group coaching

This service is for the groups who wants to learn more about themselves and their interpersonal relationship.In this type of therapy all members have time to express their own problems,ideas, feelings and be honest as possible. All members have opportunity to learn about themselves and their own issues and the values of helping other group members We offer group therapy on the following :Feelings of isolation, depression, trauma, bereavement of families/friends Life styles issues with traditional culture,Family conflicts management 

Ongoing training



This agreement exists to set your mentoring relationship up for success between yourself and Positive/Coaching Psychologist Mrs NC Sokhela

Your Objectives / Goals

In our first session you presented with the following needs which were your goals/objectives



1.      Goal One  (what you hope to achieve as a result of this relationship)


Gain perspective which is related to skills necessary for success in your spiritual development which will lead to an undoubtable spiritual growth such as develop, manage, and integrate your spiritual gifts into day to day living  

Uplifting spiritual insights to understand yourself, your spiritual gifts, and the current level of your consciousness.

Strengthen your relationship with God and your prayer life in a more meaningful way.



2.      Goal Two


• Understanding Your Potential

• Releasing Your Potential

• Maximizing Your Potential

• Pursuit of Purpose


3.      Goal three



• Freedom vs Deliverance

• Becoming A Leader

• The Power of Vision


4.      Goal Four


Psychological cultivation to manage mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being such as self-acceptance and dissolving toxic relationship.  
Depression, sadness, or other low vibrational mental & emotional bondage issues
Self-esteem and self-worth surrounding your uniqueness

So here is exactly what you will receive:


  • Spiritual insights about yourself and your abilities
    Support with the application of spiritual principles and practices to maintain a higher frequency of Leadership
    Empowered in self-directed learning for personal growth and personal development
    A more awakened and expanded awareness of your personal power and divine essence
    Maintain psychological freedom and balance in your mental well-being
    Prepared and empowered to release the hidden Leader in your you .
    Access to Mrs NC  Sokhela email address
    Forth nightly empowerment  resources on the specific area of development
    A list of Mrs NC  sokhela personal contact details
    A place on Mrs sokhela personal prayer list


  • Steps to achieving goals as stated above


We shall meet once a week for a two-hour session depending on days and the times we shall agree on. Since we resides in different Countries our on means of meeting  shall be online unless  Mrs Sokhela travels to South Africa during the time of  your contract with her .She shall make means to see you in South Africa.


How To Get Started


When it comes to mentorship on this level, you absolutely must be open and willing to do the inner work to elevate your consciousness and transform your life to get the results you desire to achieve.  

If you are ready, please complete the form below and let's get started.

You will receive 8 weeks of mentoring from me.  We will meet for two hours each week in my online video conference room. After you complete the form and schedule your first session, you will receive a link to access the room at your scheduled time.


You’ll Be Pushed Out Of Your Comfort Zone 


Every great leader does something that no one else in their field, or even the world, is comfortable, ready or skilled enough to pull off. Maybe it’s something big, like inventing a new piece of technology - or maybe it’s something that seems small, like offering flex time to your employees in an industry where that’s difficult. 











Fee description

Fees: from $65 USD to $2500 USD

Our  fees they rage 65 euros  to 2500 euros


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