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Coach Carma Spence
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Carma Spence

The Own Your Awesome Mentor 
Long Beach, California, United States
Own Your Awesome and clear blocks to your vision of a creative, authentic and profitable business.

About me

An award-winning editor with more than 20 years experience in marketing, public relations and science communication, Carma Spence is a multi-dimensional entrepreneur, science fiction writer and poet.

With the increasing importance of the Internet in marketing communications, Carma has developed an expertise in online presence and strategy. Her book, Home Sweet Home Page, has received positive reviews and she now helps clients hone in on their core message and brand, develop their product lines and market themselves throughout the Web.

Her latest book is 57 Secrets for Branding Yourself Online (from Logical Logical Expressions Publishing) and Public Speaking Super Powers is due out sometime in 2015.

Her areas of coaching expertise are conscious creation (sometimes referred to as universal laws or the Law of Attraction), online presence & marketing (leveraging the power of the Internet to market your business) and public speaking.

The wind beneath her clients’ wings, Carma provides creative entrepreneurs with expert advice on branding, online presence and the emotional support necessary to carve out their niche for success online.

Coaching with me

* Be crystal clear about your vision for your creative business … as well as the kind of income you want it to generate.

* Break through the hidden barriers that may be crippling your success in business and life.

* Feel refreshed, revitalized and ready to finally create the business you love once and for all.

* Identify your ideal readers and drafting an Ideal Reader Profile.

* Develop a strategic plan for increasing your visibility to your ideal readers, a plan that works best for your audience, your skill set and your current and projected resources. Some implementation of the key components of that strategic plan also available.

* Discover the value of your book/information product/service and draft the copy that communicates that value to your ideal readers.

* Develop marketing funnels using your content so that you can deliver your expertise in a wide variety of formats, reaching more people with your message.

* Grow the connection between you and your ideal readers so they keep coming back for more.
I use a combination of my 20+ years experience in marketing, my natural intuitive talents and proven coaching tools to guide my clients in clearing their blocks and building a creative, authentic and profitable business.

My private coaching is conducted primarily over the phone. Depending on my client's needs, I can work free flow on your particular needs for that session, or I can guide you through a curriculum that will help you reach your stated goals.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.

Sessions are 45-60 minutes. Packages are available.
Some packages include online coaching in addition to private coaching.
Short courses or group coaching
Topics covered include clearing prosperity & money blocks, creating a business and marketing plan, selling more books and information products, living in gratitude, owing your awesome, online marketing, public speaking

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • MA, Journalism
  • Certified Life Coach, Law of Attraction Life Coach Academy
Professional Background:
* 20+ years marketing, public relations, writing and editing experience
* 10+ years online content development experience
* 5+ years web and graphic design experience

Personal Background:
* Lived in Kenya ages 3-5
* Grew up with a disabled little sister
* Experienced abusive relationships
* Lived in California, Arizona, Texas, Florida and Maryland as an adult

Fee description

Fees: from $99 USD to $1375 USD

Private coaching: $499 – $1,375 per month
Semi-Private coaching: $378 – $756 per month per person (2 people, partners)
Group coaching/training: $99 – $995 per person


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