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Coach Carmen Bullock
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Carmen Bullock

Relationship and Mindfulness Coach 
West Coast, Province of the Western Cape, South Africa

My personality is fun so is my coaching style.


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About me

Somehow, if you are here, I guess you know the expression 'shit happens'? Well, talking about that as a life-altering phrase, it means if you knock at my door, I probably was exactly where you are right now.

I had an unstable childhood, and an amazing few years of normality, then I had the downward spiral of breakup, depression, the loss of my mom... All of this at the same time.

I had the amazing love and support of someone I had to let go of, another breakup. 

Then when you nearly reach 50 and you add hate to your list of emotions, it is a terrible thing. So, instead of hate, I decided to add things like compassion, empathy, and understanding to my resumé. It seemed to be better options to hate.

So, by all means, hit my button because, we can explore your pain, your needs, and work for a better you too. I have been a Mindfulness practitioner for various health reasons and it has kind of flowed into my life coaching as I insist my clients do some mindfulness exercises to gain clarity before sessions and before doing any exercises I leave them with. 

I love what I do. I make the world a bit better for some and a whole lot better for others. I really want everyone to experience the whole lot better because that is what we all need and what the world needs.

Coaching with me


I help you gain clarity. You regain trust in your gut and your blurry vision of life becomes clear and a goal that you can achieve. You also achieve emotional and mental freedom to be the you you need to be to live this life that you keep creating for yourself.


I like to coach person- to- person but I have adapted to doing zoom and other types of online meetings. 

I take WhatsApp and emails and I love it when you let me know you reached a goal or hit a high, even if it is not the time for your session. I love highs and I love celebrating wins as they really prove to you that you can do it!


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.


My sessions last between 45 mins and 60 mins. I offer worksheets to be completed and discussed at sessions. I will always give you a week before sessions to spend with worksheets. 

I also offer just talking/personal sessions. During these sessions, we will discuss what interests you and how we will structure things if we need to alter a course. We will also just have a session here and there to talk about whatever you want to talk about, the weather for example.

This is not just a coaching session, this is a session to just define who you are and what you want.


As per personal or private sessions, I offer the same type of activities but in this one, we will have interactive worksheet sessions depending on what the client needs

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Life Coaching Diploma
  • Mindfulness Diploma

I have had an easy life but I have also had a hard life. In Grade 11 I took care of my older brother who was an addict. In various stages, I was always taking care of someone and being the strong one until I needed a strong one and I was alone.

Since then, I have had an amazing support system and because of them, I feel I need to be an amazing support system.

Fee description

Fees: from $150 USD to $250 USD

My fees are for PayPal payments but in South Africa, I will supply banking details to my invoice.

Thank you for choosing me to work with you.


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