lifecoach $150 USD Cassandra Hill Cassandra Hill Helping people on their journey to healthy living gives me a great feeling.
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Cassandra Hill

M.A. Gerontologist, Wellness Coach 
Osceola, Arkansas, United States

Helping people on their journey to healthy living gives me a great feeling.

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About me

As a gerontologist helping mature adults live have quality of life is my passion. In my career I have worked in long term care, hospice, and long term acute care. Working in these areas has been very rewarding however I am ecstatic about helping mature adults live full vibrant lives throughout their life.

In 2014 I was diagnosed with systemic lupus and shortly thereafter fibromyalgia. These conditions wreaked havoc on my life and caused lots of physical and mental pain. When I decided that I was tired of being sick I took control of my life and gained my health back. Developing a healthy lifestyle isn't a fade and I look forward to helping people with life long changes.

My ideal clients include:
Mature adults over 50
Individuals looking to lose weight or maintain weight loss
Individuals with autoimmune conditions

Coaching with me


Losing weight and keeping it off
Promoting memory, joint flexiblity, and immune support
Decreasing pain and improving mood associated with autoimmune conditions
Achieving mental wellness while going through the grieving process


My role as a coach is to support my clients. As your coach I will give you the tools to be successful. There will be tons of support and education since I am confident that people make better decisions when they are well informed. Ultimately to achieve life long results clients will also be encouraged to take control of their life.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.


Sessions range from forty five minutes to one hour. Clients can purchase eating plans and healthy living plans based on their body needs.


Sessions range from forty five minutes to one hour. Sessions can be conducted via Sykpe or Zoom. Eating plans can be purchased as well as healthy living plans.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Certified Wellness Coach
  • M.A. Gerontology

My career experience has been primarily working with the mature adult population. Areas of focus include skilled nursing facilities, assisted living, hospice, and long term care. Working in long term care for nearly six years I maintained zero deficiencies and it was a really rewarding career. After leaving long term care I decided that many mature adults can stay in the community given the right tools. As a gerontologist my goal is to help mature adults become proactive regarding the aging process and live at home for as long as possible.

As a gerontologist working in various settings I have witnessed people deal with lossing their loved ones whether its through the dying process or through terminal illnesses such as dementia. Helping these individuals to maintain psychsocial well-being throughout this process is imperative to their health. Working as a wellness coach and gerontologist I will help support you through this difficult journey.

Being diagnosed with systemic lupus and fibromyalgia changed my life. Once I was able to enter remission with these conditions my aim in life is to help people live the healthiest life possible. I look forward to helping you on your journey!
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Fee description

Fees: from $75 USD to $150 USD

Online coaching individuals $150/ per session
Online coaching groups $75/per session
Private coaching $150/ per session


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