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Char Manley

spirit counsel to singer tori amos 
Orange County, California, United States

Former NCAA Division I All American, paramedic/flight medic, spiritual energy work singer Tori Amos

About me

Profound knowledge/experience in the pre-hospital environment. I have well-rounded life experiences. I am an All-American Division I top ten school Athlete. Yes, I have been on ESPN. 
Inducted into the Hall of Fame for softball in 2013. I do spiritual/energy work for singer Tori Amos and several other high profile people.
The only female to graduate paramedic school 1993, 18 started, 8 graduated.
Flight paramedic for 6 years. Flying the most critical dying patients any 911 system could serve up.
EXTENSIVE hands on experience in EMS/Paramedic/Mental Health addiction coaching
Well rounded global travel
Intuitive skills

Coaching with me


Clear understanding of what has been plaguing their current situation. Will do a history of life/family/experiences determine a pattern of behavior and/or archetype with in family structures and society.

Plan of attack

Daily goals, check ins, reassessment, mentoring, listening and guidance in problem solving so that that YOU can empower yourself to handle life as it comes.

Follow up is essential.

I do a lot of sweet lodge and energy work. If local you can join. I can formulate a plan online as well as phone calls.


I am incredibly intuitive ... I am a great listener and usually will watch and listen for a bit to connect. Each person is different in how they respond. Being a former Division I top 5 NCAA athlete and a paramedic/flight medic I know how to train and assess situations incredibly accurate.



Life, intuitive and spiritual/energy guidance


Always available to work online as well to ensure flexibility

Short courses or group coaching

Assess situation and formulate a plan that has proven time and again to be spot on.

Ongoing training

Each person has different needs. Being open is key.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Paramedic Science
  • I have liner note in singer Tori Amos albums for the spiritual work I do
  • BS Exercise Physiology
  • I work with an elder in the sweat lodge and have done so for 8 years.
  • LIFE
  • Spiritual energy development and management

NCAA Division I Athlete at a top 5 school. I was on ESPN.

Paramedic/flight paramedic nearly 16 years.

Mental Health Addiction Medicine Field 8 years.

Global traver

Spiritual retreats and workshops

Ongoing work for singer Tori Amos and a couple of other high profile folks who have not publicly mentioned me like Tori has.

Fee description

Fees: from $50 USD to $500 USD

I dont' exploit the success I have had in helping folks and that includes a few famous folks. I am not one of those swanky over the top price charging humans. I believe we need to be accessible to pretty much everyone. And I so as heck do, even to those without financial resrouces.


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