lifecoach $150 USD Chih pang Lee Chih pang Lee Hello, I am a certified life coach with counseling background and a Master in counseling.
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Chih pang Lee

Newyork, New York, United States
Hello, I am a certified life coach with counseling background and a Master in counseling.

About me

As a life coach, our work together is totally non-judgmental, and is all about learning to implement some of the concrete goals that you may have set in therapy sessions. from writing a cover letter, building a resume in your career search and development to helping work out blocks you might be having at home or in your social life. Come have a chat with me, and let's figure out a solid plan of action with some manageable goals and keep you moving in the right direction! I am available for sessions in English and Mandarin. I look forward to working with you!

Coaching with me

Hello, my name is Chih-Pang or Bong Lee, and I"m a certified life coach with a counseling background in NewYork. It is perfectly common for people to run into frustrations and life blocks from time to time, but the important thing is how you cope with the frustrations and overcome the blocks with constructive and efficient methods. My Job as a coach here is to provide you with the strategies that you will need in order to overcome your struggles, whether it is interpersonally, professionally, or individually, and to improve your life quality.
In my practice, I value extremely high on client confidentiality and safety. As for my approach with my clients, I prefer to use a cognitive behavioral therapy approach with an emphasis on mindfulness practice to help clients to process their emotions and to provide practical skills to clients


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1 session usually is 50 minutes. and it really depends on clients' situation or struggles. sessions could go from simply 1 sessions to multiple sessionns that lasts a year.
SKype or phone coaching available

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • National certified counselor
  • BA in psychology (university of Southern California
  • Certified life coach
  • Master in mental health counseling(George Washingon University)
I am originally born and raised in Taiwan, but came to the states to study when I was 14. I went to the University of Southern california(USC)for my bachelor degree in psychology and my Master degree in mental health counseling. I've also completed my i1 year internship in a counseling center performing counseling and life coach related duties. Currently employed in Mytherapist

Fee description

Fees: from $75 USD to $150 USD

75 $ per session for individuals, 30 minutes free consultation available


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