lifecoach $800 USD Chris Orozco Chris Orozco If you're feeling stuck, frustrated and ready to make a change in your life, then i'm your man.
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Chris Orozco

I get to watch lives change! 
San Francisco, California, United States
If you're feeling stuck, frustrated and ready to make a change in your life, then i'm your man.

About me

My passion for freedom and self expression and my experience overcoming anxiety and depression have provided the foundation for truly understanding the inner workings of the personality. My keen eye, natural curiosity and desire for a world of free people fuel my compasionate, and fun method of connecting you to your deepest self and send you on the path to finding and living your purpose.

If you're looking for someone who has been in your shoes. Someone who has overcome the pain, frustration and hopelessness and created a life better than I'd ever imagined possible then look no further.

Coaching with me

I help my clients reach and maintain a consistant and sustainable sense of self love, confidence, purpose and the power to know that you are in control of how you feel and how your life turns out.
I like to create a safe, encouraging and fun environment. You really are the key to everything you could ever want. You already have everything inside of you that you'll ever need to get, have, do or be anything you want. It's just a matter of aligning your inner resources towards what you want rather than what you don't.

Not only will I help you doing this, you'll learn how to do it for yourself.


We can meet one on one, either in my backyard here in San Francisco, on the phone or online.
Online, on the phone, in person, I'm happy to meete you wherever works for you.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Graduate of Landmark Education Curriculum for Living
  • Certified Reiki Master
I became a coach because of the life I've lived. I was born into a very strict religious household where I was told who to be, how to think and feel and how to live my life. I couldn't do it, so at age twelve I set out to find out how I wanted to live, learning from all the major religions, philosophies and some esoteric teachings as well. I lived out of my car while graduating school because I believed in freedom of expression above all else. I know it is our sacred right to be free both internally and externally and I will do everything in my power to see that we all achieve this freedom.

I've also battled extreme depression, anxiety and even suicidal thoughts in my life. Refusing to be medicated because I knew there was nothing "wrong" with me that a pill could fix. I believe we are all fine the way we are and that whatever is going on with you is normal, natural and can be dealt with using no more than love, compassion, courage and nurturance.

Fee description

Fees: from $400 USD to $800 USD

I believe in personal attention.
I want to get to know your unique heart and mind, your unique situation and address your unique needs. Discovering the way that works best for you to get where you want to be.


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