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Chris Villalobos

Reiki Master Life Coach 
Dallas, Texas, United States
Combining a spiritual and practical approach to help push balanced goals forward.
OFFERINGS: Private coaching

FEES from $75 USD to $125 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

I am Chris Villalobos, owner of The Petri Dish. Plain and simple, I’m a life coach and a lightworker. As a master of reiki and energy work, and with a background in case management for various nonprofits, I combine a spiritual and practical approach to my sessions that help transform people into their highest selves. Life has taken me on many journeys, but what I have found to be true is my best work comes forward when in service to others.

I believe that life exists on a spectrum between love and fear. When we are trapped in ego and expectations, it is hard for us to find ways to live abundantly and in total flow. Practicing positivity and awareness, we can set the right intentions that allow us to release the grips of fear and push us into a destiny we choose for ourselves. One day, one moment, one step at a time takes us higher into our lives in creation.

This is your life in creation. No one has the ability to make something of this unique life but yourself. It is hard to grasp the wheel once we have created a comfort zone that seems so ingrained that we can't break free.

The Petri Dish Life is a place to shift your life into the foreground and place it under a microscope to experiment on new ways to break free from the existing reality that overwhelms even the best of us. Our reality is a creation of our mind and emotions that propel us into a physical existence in which we play (or struggle) everyday. We have the ability to press reset in any given moment. Through consistent effort, reprogramming our mind & emotions will make a better reality for ourselves. 

Essentially, it is YOU that dictates your life down to the very thought. 

Physics tells us that energy cannot be created nor destroyed, it can only transform. Energy is everywhere - connecting everyone and everything. Therefore, the energy that you put into your conscious thoughts, mixed with the emotional frequency that reaches out into the energy of our physical space, is creating the reality you live in.

You don’t have to do this alone!

We have the power for our own paradigm shifts - to create a life in which we feel fulfilled, empowered, and filled with abundant love. Doing this on your own can be overwhelming, which is where The Petri Dish Life comes in. This is the space to collaborate a plan with your coach and start building a better future for yourself today - one step, one moment at a time.

If you are ready to invest in your future, I invite you to reach out

Coaching with me


One day, one moment, one step at a time takes us higher into our lives in creation.

Are you feeling disconnected from the vibrant, joyful version of yourself that used to be? Struggling to come to terms with your personal identity or life's purpose?

Are you experiencing a loss of connection to yourself and others that is leaving you drained and unable to set healthy boundaries for self-care?

Is your environment causing you anxiety that inhibits your ability to find flow within your daily life?

If you are seeking more fulfillment, this is how The Petri Dish Life can help:

  • Purpose / Fulfillment

  • Overcoming adversity / fear

  • Strengthening empowerment

  • Overcoming addictions

  • Creating healthy habits

  • Work-life balance

  • Spiritual awareness

  • Connection to self and others

  • Energy flow

  • Revitalizing your environment and productivity


How do we do it? In-person or virtually using these techniques and more:


  • Intentional Breathwork - Still the mind, center the body, focus on the present.

  • Achievable Goal-Setting - Small hinges swing big doors! Don’t overwhelm yourself.

  • Energy Work - Energy connects us to everyone and everything. Learn the basics to make the most of your daily interactions with self, others, and your environment.

  • Open Communication - This is your time and space to state your wants and needs in a non-judgmental environment

  • Accountability - We hold space for you to grow into your highest self, and you have a coach to keep inspiring you to achieve the goals you set.



The Life In Creation coaching technique focuses on gathering your energy back from the distractions, finding your purpose, and channeling the intentions into small, attainable goals that shift your life path back into one of fulfillment.

Think of this technique as combining spirit with physical action - a balance of energy and purpose.

In this program, we will focus on recognizing fears, redefining your connection to self, and unlocking the steps towards a fulfilled life using:

  •  Intentional Breathing Exercises

  • Time Management Skills

  • Self-Care Practices

  • Goal-Oriented Coaching

  • Meditation Techniques (customized to your lifestyle)

  • Life Balancing Worksheets

12-Week Transformation Program
One session per week
50 mins.

8-Week Development Program
One session per week
50 mins

4-Week Deadline Program
Two sessions per week
50 mins


  • Weekly worksheets designed for your personal goal setting, life balance, and breathwork

  • ​Shared goal-related documents for progress tracking

  • ​Text-message service with your coach.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Health Coach Certification
  • Life Coach Certification
  • LGBTQ Transitional Living Case Management
  • HIV Healthcare Case Management
  • A Healer's Journey - Reiki Master Class

Let's face it - life can be unfair. Most of us can relate to traumatic events that latch onto our bodies as stress and pain, even if we think we have dealt with them in the moment. Often times, this sinks us into a belief that we are weaker, less than, or victims, which shapes our reality into one of unwanted fear and shame.


When I was 24 years old, I was diagnosed with HIV and was brought into a reality of believing my life was not worth that of "normal" people. Over the first year of the diagnosis, I struggled with depression, suicidal ideation, shame, social stigma, and a weakened spirit. People could sense that I was off balance. Many family and friends were concerned, and the new people I attracted in my life were fearful and harsh towards me. At the darkest moments of this time, I had a plan to end it all, but that night I was struck with a new perspective -


I could choose to play victim to the event, OR I could choose a new paradigm in which the event transformed me into everything I wanted to be.

I was looking at the event as my biggest struggle instead of seeing it as my ultimate saving grace and teacher. Every event we are put through has negative and positive outcomes, even the ones that are the most painful. HIV gave me the courage to enter new depths of empathy and understanding for the human condition. It forced me to look inside and see my strengths and natural gifts of love and perseverance, and enhanced my ability to connect to other people and communicate my needs. I was able to set healthy boundaries and not take my life for granted.


Ultimately, it was up to me to find empowerment and purpose, but I had to be willing to walk through the storm to find exactly what I was capable of.

Perspective shapes how we interact with our reality. Choosing to seek out the silver linings keeps us in the empowered curiosity state of mind, which keeps us moving forward in life. 

What lessons are we learning from our heavy life events? How does this fit into a bigger life purpose of positivity and fortitude? Are you willing to release the past and enter a new state of empowerment?

Fee description

Fees: from $75 USD to $125 USD

12-Week Transformation Program - $75 / Session

8-Week Transformation Program - $100 / Session

4-Week Transformation Program - $125 / Session


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