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Powerful intuitive, holistic coach 
Ayr, Scotland, United Kingdom
Deep-level inner work. Powerful, compassionate, empathic. Overcome stubborn internal saboteurs.

About me

Drawing on many years of self growth, and a determination to bring awareness to as many limiting beliefs as possible, I now hope to have the opportunity of sharing the benefit of my experience with you.

Coming through a difficult and sometimes traumatic childhood, I embarked in my early twenties on this journey. Now, after nineteen years I bring a strong authenticity, and a wide portfolio of skill.

I began practising mindfulness and other forms of meditation thirteen years ago, and can introduce you to - or help you to broaden your practice of - mindfulness, as well as various other forms of meditation and guided visualisation. Some of these will serve a specific purpose, such as shadow work or inner child work, for example.

More recently, I have experimented with fast-result methods of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), something I have found to be hugely powerful from a neuro-linguistic perspective.

In coaching terms, the bulk of my experience has been largely therapeutic, working with clients with depression, anxiety, post-trauma, nervous disorders and so forth. But the holistic approach works equally well with clients who are in a better space but who simply want to improve. In whatever sphere of life, whether it be business, motivation, confidence-building, family, relationships, image, dating, male-female dynamics, sexuality, health, wellness, etc, etc. My high empathy skills enable me to connect deeply with virtually every client who comes through my door, and help them to open up, so that we can do the inner work required.


One to one sessions conducted from my home in Ayrshire, Scotland. During our sessions I use my powerful intuitive approach to look at you as a whole person, tuning into your energy, and reading the emotions and feelings beneath the words. I will hold up a mirror to you, and we will get creative with this. The more open minded you can allow yourself to be, the faster the results.
Whilst I emphasize the power and speed of my approach, it is also necessary for you to be aware of the importance I place on ethics and a 'safe space' for you to move forward and grow at a pace at which you feel comfortable. The client/coach relationship is of paramount importance. Compassion and mutual trust is at the core of what I do.
As with the above with the difference that sessions will be conducted over Skype rather than at my home.
Ongoing training
I aim to help you achieve results and personal growth fast. I will also help you to equip yourself with tools which you can take with you on your journey, to support yourself. However, I am more than happy to support you in an ongoing capacity in the long term should you feel you need this support. Many clients appreciate having the solidity of permanent support and I am open to discussing a long term package, or 'top-up' sessions on an as-and-when basis.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Fusion System by Frances Masters
  • Peer Mentoring by Eileen Hutchinson
  • Soul Clearing Workshops with Adriana Wigderowitz
  • Reclaim Life Course in Therapeutic Coaching Skills
Other relevant spiritual experiences include:
3 day meditation retreats with North London Buddhist centre, UK
10 day silent Vipassana retreat at Wat Suan Mokh monastery, Thailand
7 weeks at New Life mindfulness community, Thailand
Tantra training at OneTaste Orgasmic Meditation, UK

Fee description

Fees: from $25 USD to $30 USD

At the moment I am offering a special 50% discount for any new clients I take on during the next three months. So my sessions will be just £20 per hour over Skype, or £25 in person, regardless of how many sessions you book.

I also offer a free 30 minute initial consultation to give you the chance to discuss with me regarding what you're looking for and to see if I am able to offer the right guidance for you.


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