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Cindy Charlton

Saint Louis, Missouri, United States
I am an executive coach, licensed psychologist and training and facilitation expert.

About me

Thank you for your interest in getting to know me. Sincerity and transparency will guide and inform my work with you, and I will expect the same from you. Please rest assured I will share my most authentic self, as you will work to develop yours and to create impact in your world for years to come.

My passion lies in getting to the ‘heart’ in matters of team and individual communication. As a practicing psychologist who understands the complexities of the workplace, I read situations extremely well. Combined with my executive coaching experience, I am respected for transforming even the most troubled teams and individuals back to a productive mode in record time.

Because I am fascinated by people and deeply curious about you, we will quickly and easily ‘move the needle’ for immediate progress toward your goals. Whatever your specific need maybe, you can anticipate a focus on who you want to be, what is your guiding purpose, and how can you create options to live this focused, authentic purpose.

I bring to you my experience of 20+ years as a soloprenuer. Together we will explore methods, tools, and processes to shift your awareness and help you create the authentic life you wish to have. We will craft the vision you have for your life, your work, your organization, and your teams. We will enrich your communication with others to boost the impact you want to have.

Contact me for your complimentary conversation to discuss how we may bring focus, purpose and sustainable results to your life. If you represent an organization, contact me for your coaching, training and consulting needs. Your teams, your stakeholders and your organizations will thank you.



Coaching with me

MY MANTRA: “Transforming relationships in the workplace. Whether I am coaching it, teaching it, or facilitating it- that is what it is really about for me.”

WHAT I DO: I’m an executive leadership coach, psychologist, and training facilitator who understands the complexities of the workplace. My passion is inspiring and supporting leaders to exceed even their own expectations. Recently, I coached a senior executive at a career crossroad. I asked him, “How committed are you…because this is going to be tough.” Over just 6 weeks, the client resolved to function in a different way and leverage things he wasn’t strong in. As we coached, his demeanor morphed from fragile and fearful to confident and easygoing. The client now manifests a true self-confidence with remarkable impact.

HOW I DO IT: My psychological and executive coaching expertise uses a laser focus which inspires leaders to solve issues and transform their relationships via communication. Clients appreciate my empowering yet grounded approach to inspiring a true departmental ‘want’ vs. ‘need’ to work together, accelerating team and individual performance.

WHO I PARTNER WITH: Leaders who seek sustainable influence and impact in their corporate relationships. They want to align, transform, or otherwise develop themselves and teams by improving communications. Mostly though, they are seeking to be the *best leader* they can be.

WHO I AM: Sincere, inspirational, ethical, FUN, and known for my calm presence and keen listening ear. I am an experienced “Train-the-Trainer” and master facilitator who thrives on coaching teams and individuals. I am driven to create sustainable results in the most memorable and creative ways possible.

In the community, I am actively involved with the Lifeplan Institute’s mentoring program, where we engage and educate the hearts and mind of teens to own and shape their strategies for life.

I invite you to learn more about how we can work together!

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Associate Certified Coach - International Coach Federation
  • Accredited and Certified Personal and Executive Coach
  • Tilt Certified Coach

Fee description

Fees: from $100 USD


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